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10+ Hilarious Acts of Vandalism Found in Public Toilets

Vandalism is an ignoble and often spiteful act. Most of the time it makes you feel angry or disturbed. But sometimes you can’t help but laugh because the outcome of such behavior can be pretty hilarious.

Bright Side found examples of vandalism in public toilets that will make you smile rather than feel negative. Have you ever seen any of these in a public toilet?

11. The good old days: no phones, no internet...just a pencil and your imagination.

10. Choose wisely!

9. Somebody has been lying too much.

8. Got you! Now what are you going to do?!

7. Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room.

6. Be careful, John Connor! He is still around and still looking.

5. Which one do you identify with?

4. Performing jellyfish make my day!

3. Potatoes are not allowed!

2. Someone’s always watching over you.

1. Is he grilling a giant hot dog?

Have you ever seen a funny act of vandalism? Share with us in the comments.

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