10 Illegal Things We Do Every Day

There are many things we do every day that are actually illegal. Some of us have no idea about these laws; some know about them but don't believe they will ever be caught red-handed.

Bright Side decided to open your eyes to some of these things. Maybe now you'll change the way you act.

10. Downloading from Torrent

If you download movies or anything else from Torrent, you break the law. No surprise! You can't legally watch movie premieres without paying for them.

9. Connecting to public Wi-Fi

It's illegal to access someone's connection without authorization because it means that someone else buys this service and you don't pay to use it. There have even been people arrested for using public Wi-Fi.

8. Selling on eBay without declaring your income

Many people have had experience of selling something online, but how many of us have actually declared those earnings to the tax service? Not that many, right?

7. Using a fake name online


People sometimes create a fake ID or just use the wrong name, which is totally illegal. Faking your name or ID can send you to prison.

6. Streaming TV shows


You have surely streamed your favorite series online without even thinking about the laws that prohibit you from doing it.

5. Eating before paying in the store

Some of us have a habit of testing food before paying for it. If you do this in stores, you can get into trouble if someone decides to report you.

4. Using copyrighted content

You may use images available on the internet. But, for your information, most images are subjected to copyright. It is illegal to use these images anywhere.

3. Texting while driving

It’s illegal to text while driving because it causes many road accidents. Even if you are a very experienced driver, you'd better not do it. It is illegal and really dangerous.

2. Sharing passwords


Many people share their passwords for subscription services. This is completely illegal. But it is really common and hard to regulate.

1. Using social media when underage

Generally, if you're under 13 you're not allowed to use social media. Some require you to be even older. For example, you're not supposed to have WhatsApp before you're 16.

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