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10+ New Photos From Australia That Awaken Hope in Our Hearts

Among the deadly Australian fires are heroes who are jumping in to save lives. Firefighters are working around the clock, vets are rushing to cure burned animals, and even the common people are doing everything they can to help each other get through the worst fire in history.

All these efforts are lining up together and helping Australia heal, little by little. We at Bright Side salute the brave firefighters, doctors, animal activists, rescuers, and every single person out there fighting the good fight. Every little action matters and the world’s attempt to rescue Australia is already showing results. Have a look at our picture compilation below!

1. “Regrowth from a burnt tree in Australia”

2. A volunteer feeding an injured joey

3. Wildlife is making a sound again.

4. Rescued koalas after treatment, ready to move to a new home

5. Thousands of kilos of carrots were dropped from the air to help feed the animals.

6. Orphaned 2-month-old grey-headed flying fox being bottle-fed

7. Celebrities have donated millions to help Australia.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Shawn Mendes, Liam Hemsworth, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elton John, and P!nk are some who have donated.

8. People across the globe are making mittens and boots for the animals affected by the bushfires.

9. Thousands of people may have lost their homes, but they are not alone.

10. Teens filling their cars with Joeys and saving them from the fires

11. The Irwin family alone has saved over 90,000 animals.

12. Firefighters are protecting animals from fires by hiding them in their helmets.

13. Hundreds of koalas and joeys have been treated so far.

14. About 600+ bats were successfully saved from the fires by care facilities. This is how they were transferred to safety:

15. Life prevails

16. The calm after an immense tragedy

17. Sydney’s Opera House lights up in honor of brave firefighters. Thank you!

18. A large number of koalas lost their lives, but rescue operations are doing their best to save the species.

The bushfire in Australia is still burning. Billions of animals have lost their lives and millions are in need of treatment and food. You can help them by donating to WWF’s Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund. Every donation counts!

Preview photo credit diveonfire / Reddit, k3y3 / Reddit
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