10+ of the Weirdest Trends You’ll See Across the Internet

The internet is filled with thousands of short-lived trends, each seemingly crazier than the last. Like the glitter craze - anyone else think that's the weirdest thing ever?

Bright Side never fails to bring you the freshest trends. And while the following trends seem like a failure from the get-go, we can't help but be entertained! Which one are you most excited to never try?

11. The Kylie Jenner lip challenge

Having lush, full lips is a dream of many of girls and guys thanks to Kylie Jenner and her trend-setting pout. From that came the incredibly unsafe lip challenge that shook up the Internet, to say the least. The challenge consisted of taking a picture of your regular sized lips followed by sucking on a glass and posting the horrifying result.

Notice how they look nothing alike.

10. 100 layers of everything

Whether it be foundation, concealer or nail polish, 2017 will be forever be known in our minds as the year YouTubers and bloggers attempted to pile 100 layers of everything onto their body.

By the way, this lovely creation is called #polishmountain created by Cristine with the SimplyNailogical channel on YouTube.

9. Glitter beards

Excessive glitter isn't just for girls anymore. How about glittering up the beard? Trendy, it is!

These guys even managed to develop an incredibly successful Instagram account by decorating their beards.

8. Highfive selfie

Have you ever tried giving yourself a high-five while taking a selfie? Believe it or not, this challenge is trending online.

7. Cliff jumping

This one comes from the UK. Although cliff jumping has always been of interest to teens and kids alike, kids as young as 11 years old are now jumping off of incredibly high cliffs.

6. Colored armpits

Love dying your hair? Why stop there? Your armpits are another great place to experiment with hair color.

5. Furry nails

Coming to us straight off the runway, the furry nails trend is making its way onto many Instagram accounts. At least it's faux fur, right?

4. Tape face

Not exactly sure what this trend is supposed to achieve, but horror movie studios can definitely take some tips from this one.

3. Cinnamon challenge

Finely ground cinnamon is definitely not good to inhale into your lungs. But for some reason everybody is still eager to try for themselves.

2. Planking

Unlike the kind of planking you do at the gym, this trend does nothing for your abs. It requires you to make a plank position with your body at any place, any time, even in the most awkward places.

Even government employees are in on this one.

1. Fake colored freckles

We get it, freckles are cute. But putting glittery, colorful fake freckles on yourself? It's a bold choice to say the least. Some people even tattoo them on!

See something you might want to try? Share with us in the comments below. But please remember - safety first, trends second.

Preview photo credit josefinlillakas/instagram
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