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10 Ordinary Things With Hidden Features Most of Us Don’t Know About


Sometimes, after we’ve been using something for many years, we find out that it has some other useful features. For example, the margins in books and notebooks are there in order to protect the notes from a fire or other trouble because the “first” printed books were really expensive to produce... and we thought that was completely useless space.

Bright Side discovered the secrets of things and their decorative details that can actually be very useful.

1. The diamond with slits on backpacks

In the beginning, these things were only on tourist backpacks: they were used to carry ropes there. In the city, you can use it to carry an umbrella, a bottle of water, or even your sneakers.

2. The spot near the iPhone camera

The round hole on the back part between the flash and the camera is the second microphone. It is necessary to block the outside noise and make the sound more clear during your conversations.

3. Toothpicks

Many people think this is just a funny design thing, but in fact, the Japanese toothpick is meant for the top of it to be broken off and used as a stand — for before and after eating.

4. Distinct lines on keyboards

The palpable lines on F and J are a tip for those who can type without looking at the keyboard. These are the basic keys where you are supposed to put your pointer fingers. Using these bumps, you can quickly understand where your hands are.

5. Holes in your sneakers

The first shoes of this kind were designed for basketball players. In order to allow the sportsmen to make the lace tighter, there were holes on the sides. Some sneakers still have this design. Now, they only serve one purpose — additional ventilation, but you can still do the same thing as the players did.

6. The pin on a garlic press

This is not only a garlic press but it can also be used to remove pits from cherries. The pin pushes the pit out of the cherry, nice and easy.

7. The pocket inside women’s underwear

The piece of cloth in underwear is called a gusset. When it is sewn into the underwear, the side and back parts are attached to the main seams. It is technically impossible to make another internal seam, so the front part is left hanging which makes it looks like a pocket.

8. The lines on a box cutter blade

The tip of box cutters can always be broken off to make the tip newer. Just use the lid from the other side of the knife to remove the useless tip.

9. The drawer under the oven

Usually, people use this drawer to store frying pans, lids, and other things inside. But in fact, this drawer was meant to be used as a place to keep the food warm. The idea was that prepared dishes would stay warm while something else was being cooked in the oven above.

10. The hole in the spaghetti spoon

The hole in the spaghetti spoon is there in order to help you decide how much spaghetti you need to boil. The hole fits just enough for one regular person.

Did you know any of these little secrets?

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