10 Ordinary Vegetables That Look Extraterrestrial

Every day we cook and eat ordinary products, but we can't imagine how strange they may look sometimes.

Bright Side did some research and found the weirdest vegetables from all over the world. Each vegetable is more curious than the previous one, so be sure to get to our number one.

10. Colorful Corn

This corn with translucent colorful grains was bred by Carl Barnes, an American farmer. It is called Glass Gem. This corn does not fade while boiling, but it is still too hard to eat. It is used for making popcorn and corn flour.

9. Romanesco Broccoli

This alien vegetable was bred in Italy as a result of a mix of cauliflower and broccoli. It is full of nutrients: carotene, vitamin C, zinc. It contains less dietary fiber than broccoli and it is easier to digest. Romanesco has a delicate flavor, reminiscent of broccoli.

8. Strawberry Spinach

Surprisingly, ordinary spinach has a strange variety with these little berries that look like strawberries or raspberries. Both the leaves and berries are edible. This spinach has a high amount of iron and contains as much protein as powdered milk. However, the berries are almost tasteless (but still nutritious).

7. Purple Yam

Purple potatoes are one of the subspecies of yam that originated from Peru and Colombia. Healthy nutrition fans love this vegetable: it contains antioxidants and helps to prevent many diseases.

6. Nopal Cactus

Mexicans love this cactus so much that it became a common food in their supermarkets, just like corn or potatoes. Nopal is rich in vitamins, and it helps to burn fat. It is a popular ingredient for salads. It can be grilled, marinated, and used as a main ingredient. Fresh cactus tastes like asparagus with green peas. It tastes like pickles if marinated.

5. Colorful Cauliflower

This subtype of cauliflower really looks like a bunch of colorful flowers. This vegetable can decorate any table. It is also as nutritious as regular cauliflower.

4. Lotus Root

Lotus root is considered to be dainty in Japanese, Chinese, and Thai cuisine. It is also called the "fugu fish" of the vegetable world: lotus root can be poisonous if cooked incorrectly. Useful properties of the root have been known since ancient times: it contains a lot of vitamins and amino acids.

3. Chinese Bitter Pumpkin

This spiky vegetable is popular in Asia. It is important to cook it right because it is bitter and its raw juice is poisonous. However, the bitter melon is very nutritious: it contains iron, calcium, and potassium. Recent research proved that bitter melon juice can kill pancreatic cancer cells.

2. Oca

This unusual vegetable is cultivated in South America: Colombia, Peru, Chile. Oca tastes like potato, but it is rich in flavor and has bright furrowed bulbs. Unlike potatoes, oca can be eaten raw. Mashed oca is very mealy.

1. Watermelon Radish

The name is deceptive - this radish only looks like a watermelon. It is not sweet, and it is as nutritious as an ordinary radish, but it looks way more interesting.


Even the most ordinary vegetables can surprise you.

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