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10+ Peculiar People Who Know Everything About Gratitude

study found that people who express gratitude are healthier, and we also know that laughing is good for health. So, if your “Thank You” can make others laugh, it doubles the benefit. And some people have really mastered the art of showing their appreciation.

Bright Side found some very funny heartfelt “Thank You” notes and we are sharing them with you to lift your spirits.

1. The most honest dedication page

2. An honest thank you note from a 6-year-old

3. “Found this vaguely threatening, but lovingly cute Valentine’s Day card in a box of keepsakes.”

4. Brooke’s mom must be thanking God she doesn’t have a broken nose.

5. “The next day, my dad, wearing a Santa Clause costume, brought me a puppy.”

6. When your daughter’s teacher is kind of a rockstar:

7. When you want to thank your mom on Mother’s Day, but can’t find an appropriate greeting card:

8. This kid loves his mom, playing computer games, and watching TV... in that order.

9. Ben may have forgotten the lessons, but not the teacher.

10. Awesome poetry dedicated to an awesome mom

11. The beast is the best.

12. This student seems to have an uncanny sense of humor.

13. “That’ll be the last time my parents make me write thank you cards...”

14. My friend’s son who’s in the fifth grade thanked her on Christmas.

15. Mia fired her babysitting cousin for not loving her Barbie.

Which act of gratitude did you think was the funniest? Have you ever received hilarious notes of thanks? Share them with us in the comments.

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