10 Practical Jokes Carried Out on the Set of Famous Movies

A movie set is a place where you'll find a heightened concentration of creative people. This is why what goes on behind the scenes is just as interesting as what happens in the movie itself.

We at Bright Side selected some of the best-known cases of famous actors carrying out pranks on each other. They know how to have fun just as much as the rest of us!

Game of Thrones

In Game of Thrones, many of the actors - especially those playing characters from the North - have to wear one and the same costume for much of the show. These costumes are, moreover, often very dirty and heavy. Once, the film crew decided to play a prank on John Bradley (who plays Sam Tarly). They informed him that in the latest season he would finally have the chance to wear a different costume. They then got the costume designers to make him the most absurd-looking outfit in the history of the show. At the same time, it looked at least plausible enough to be in the show. Bradley, although terribly disappointed, believed it was to be used and came on set wearing it. It was only then that he was told it had all been a joke.

Harry Potter

During shooting for the third installment of Harry Potter, Alan Rickman famously pranked Daniel Radcliffe. The crew was shooting a scene in a large hall, in which a large number of children were to be evacuated as part of the plot. During the scene, the camera took a close-up shot of Daniel. In a moment of complete silence, the noise from a whoopie cushion loudly rang out, which had been placed by Professor Snape in Radcliffe's sleeping bag. You can see what happened on set afterward in this clip.

Star Trek Into Darkness

It all began with a harmless joke told by Simon Pegg. He tried to convince a couple of his colleagues that harmful ion radiation had appeared on set, and to be safe they would have to apply a special protective cream. They believed him, and then the makeup artists and even part of the crew ended up thinking the danger was real. When it was decided to draw Benedict Cumberbatch into the joke, the whole film crew actively confirmed the presence of the dangerous radiation, and he even ended up signing an agreement in which he committed himself to using the protective "neutron cream." The actor became so convinced of the threat that he began to get headaches and even started to forget his lines. This caused the director to get frustrated, bringing the joke to an end.

The Monuments Men

For this movie, George Clooney and Matt Damon were obliged to lose a large amount of weight. In order to do this, they went on a harsh diet and undertook a serious exercise program. But despite his best efforts, Damon found that he couldn't cope with the task at hand. It turns out that Clooney was getting the costume designers to reduce the size of the pants Matt wore for his workouts by a couple of centimeters each week. For weeks, Damon couldn't understand why his pants were so tight around the waist despite working out so hard.

The Lord of the Rings

Dominic Monaghan (Merry) gained a notorious reputation for being a lover of practical jokes while making The Lord of the Rings. One day, the crew decided to teach him a lesson. Dominic and his colleague Billy Boyd (Pippin), who as fate would have it also became a victim of the prank, were given a supposedly new script. It included a scene in which the hobbits fall from a huge tree, during the fall lose their clothes, and, clinging to the branches, sit all night clinging to each other in order to stay warm. The film crew shot the whole scene in complete seriousness, before announcing with a great deal of pleasure that there was no such scene in the movie.

The Hunger Games

Once, during shooting for The Hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson almost caused Jennifer Lawrence to have a heart attack. He dragged from the set a fake but convincingly made model of a dead actor which was used in the film when someone was killed by killer bees. He placed the mannequin in a toilet with toilet paper in its hand, and Lawrence soon stumbled across it. We can only imagine how the poor woman felt at that moment.

The Getaway

In one of the key scenes of this movie, Alec Baldwin just couldn't feign genuine surprise in line with the plot. Every time he tried to shoot the scene, his emotions didn't seem authentic. His colleague, Michael Madsen, decided to help him out. During the following take, he took off his pants. For Alec, this was completely unexpected, and the shot was filmed.

We're the Millers

During the shooting of one scene in the mobile holiday home, the Miller family is supposed to all sing the song Waterfalls by the group TLC. They decided to play a prank on Jennifer Aniston and instead put on the soundtrack to Friends. Aniston was certainly embarrassed, but she appreciated the humor behind the joke.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

The video of this prank arranged by Steven Spielberg during the shooting of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was discovered in 2011. During one of the scenes, Harrison Ford is whipped by Barbra Streisand and unexpectedly kissed by his Star Wars co-star Carrie Fisher.

Ocean's Twelve

During the filming of Ocean's Twelve in Italy, Brad Pitt decided to play a joke on George Clooney. Before the shoot, Pitt wrote a letter to the Italian film crew about Clooney's approach to working with his character, asking them not to talk to him, not to look at him in the eyes, and if absolutely necessary refer to him only as "Mr. Ocean." For two weeks, Clooney couldn't understand what was going on. When he finally complained, it was revealed to be a set-up arranged by Pitt.

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