10 Proofs That a Nonstandard Appearance Is a Blessing

How often do we look into the mirror and think about what we'd change in ourselves, not realizing that our true beauty is in our uniqueness?

Bright Side gathered true stories of ordinary people that remind us of how beautiful each and every one of us really is.

  • I've always had hang-ups about being bigger than my girlfriends (6 ft and 150 lbs). But once we went on a tour around Europe. In 2 weeks of our trip, my friends just became invisible for everyone. I, on the contrary, was neck-deep in compliments and admirers. They all said I was a true Russian beauty (I've got a typical Slavic appearance with round face, big breasts, and thick brown hair). No more hang-ups now.

  • I'm naturally red-haired and green-eyed, and I was mocked for that at school and college. Even my dark-haired parents told me that my red color was ugly. Today, though, I had my nails done at a beauty salon, and one lady asked the hairdresser for a color like mine. She even asked to take a picture of me because they didn't have such a dye. I'm starting to feel beautiful and unique. That's surprising.

  • My parents were too busy making money to raise my sister and me, so I only heard about my looks from my granny. She said I had bulgy eyes, a stubby nose, and so on... And only recently I've heard from my husband's boss that my hubby has a picture of me at his office, and everyone is envious of him for having such a beautiful wife.
  • I've got a strange body with too-long arms and huge feet, and I've always had trouble picking clothes and shoes (size 9 at 14 years old!). The latter are the worst - I have to have them tailor made, which isn't cheap, so I have just a couple of pairs for every occasion. It's the biggest problem of my life, and I've been mocked as "Gulliver" since time immemorial. I met my husband at 28 at the same shoemaker. He's 7 ft tall and has size 12. Now we have two Gullivers in our family.
  • I've been stuttering since childhood. To fight my fear, I've tried talking with perfect strangers. Shop assistants, hairdressers, people in lines. Now I'm a very communicative person and not ashamed of my little defect. It's my challenge.
  • I've always complained about my looks and whined that no one loved me or cared for me. Then I had a near-death experience. You've no idea how frightening it is. Now my life has changed, and I'm sure my parents love me a lot, and that's the most important thing. Don't complain! Value all you have! And love your parents.
  • Last fall I was short and plump with a nice face and a second chin. I rode my bike and bumped into a pudgy guy. I said, "Sorry." He looked at me intently, but then I forgot about him. The following week I went to a store and met him again. He approached me and asked, "Excuse me, would you like to lose weight?" I got offended, but then he suggested we jog and train together. Now I'm his slim and pretty girlfriend, and he's a ripped dark-haired handsome with a ring in his ear - straight from my dreams.
  • I've got red hair. Now it's more copper, but in childhood it was golden, almost orange. I was so jealous of dark-haired girls! No one mocked me, but I hated my hair color. It was all changed by my first school teacher, who called me a "sun girl," a "golden girl," and praised my hair so much. During my 6th year, most of my classmates dyed their hair red.
  • I've always thought of myself as imperfect. I spent thousands on beauty items, yet there was little to no result. One day, the man of my dreams came along and said, "You know what? Nobody's perfect. But you're the most beautiful girl I've ever met!" And then he proposed to me. I've never been happier in my life! Of course, I agreed, and since then I've accepted myself.
  • I'm secretly fascinated by "flawed" faces, if I may say so. Especially sticking-out ears, long noses, gapped teeth, and abundant freckles. And I can't express how angry I am when people want to get rid of all this and have a smooth, regular face. How can you not realize all these cute imperfections are what makes you stand out, your signatures? I'm positive the beauty is in flaws.
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