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10+ Reddit Users Explain How They Would Redesign the Human Body, and They Have Some Witty Ideas

Sometimes, people wish that things in life were easier, or they could add some elements to their body parts to function better in their everyday lives. Since this may not be possible, maybe just discussing and imagining these alternatives could bring us some happiness for the moment. Several reddit users came together to share some clever ideas of how they would like to modify their bodies for the better.

We at Bright Side love reading about new and imaginative nuances, so we decided to gather a list of ideas that some creative minds suggested they would add to their bodies.

A hear-cut to replace ringing with silence

  • If you have hearing loss, the brain replaces the lost sound with silence instead of ringing.
    © TechyDad / reddit
  • I really want a cure for my tinnitus. I don’t even care if the hearing loss can’t be reversed I just want to sit in silence. © 14Phoenix / reddit

“I would like licking chapped lips to work, please.”

  • Just a little uropygial gland in the tip of our tongue that gets activated when we lick our lips, should work nicely. Bonus: also helps with paper cuts, just lick them and they stop hurting.
    © nokangarooinaustria / reddit

A new set of teeth that could grow after 30.

Another set of arms to carry all groceries in one trip.

  • There’s no free space to put some of the bigger bones (such as those the muscles attach to). So the new shoulders would be exterior to the rib cage, or the whole body would be lengthened to make a place for the new shoulder structure. © MotyGlix / reddit

Being able to breathe underwater

  • Have slits that unseal to let the water flow out of your lungs, that way we could literally “breath underwater.” © arrow100605 / reddit

Being able to stop menstruating

  • For women, the ability to stop periods altogether (without medicine or an implant) unless you actively want to have a baby. © brokendowndryer / reddit
  • Both sexes should get that option. You produce reproductive cells only at will. So only couples who are both willing can reproduce. © OrangeQueen_H / reddit
  • This would honestly be one of the best changes we could have. It would save women a lot of hurt in the form of periods and it’d save everyone all the hurt and drama from unwanted pregnancies.
    © Thuis001 / reddit

To stop crying when experiencing strong emotions.

  • I also have it when I am talking really passionate about something (for example a hobby, my religion, or a movie I really like), which is really weird sometimes. © wytsie / reddit
  • Weirdly, I only really tear up when in happiness or being told a funny joke. I guess that made me sort of popular because I’d be the best listener for jokes since I have the perfect reaction (laugh followed by tears of laughter). © reverze1901 / reddit

To breathe and eat from two separate pipes.

  • This would be my primary design change also. Such a liability to have food transit right next to air supply, and sharing a short stretch of track. I would fire that engineer. © MyBlueMeadow / reddit

An off-button to immediately fall asleep.

  • Being able to fall asleep at will would improve human quality of life more than I think anybody can possibly imagine. Going to bed when you want regardless of anxiety, taking naps whenever you want, falling asleep on airplanes/road trips, skipping meetings.... the possibilities are endless.
    © CN4President / reddit

Retractable wings to fly over traffic

  • So I read somewhere when I was big into art that each wing would have to be three times our height. So a 6-foot person would have an 18-foot wing making a full 36-foot wingspan. We’d have two upper bodies in one which would probably make us pretty bulky up top.
    © Curious_Wrangler_980 / reddit

Being able to revert age after menopause.

  • Once you hit a certain age your body reverts to young adulthood. Like let’s say where you would usually get menopause, instead, your body reverts to a 20-year-old. © ytlight419 / reddit

Did you find some of ideas surprising? Do you have anything else you would add to the human body?

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