12 Riddles That Will Challenge Your Logic Skills

Bright Side collected some new riddles you surely haven’t heard of. Find the answers at the end to check whether you're a true genius.














1. Iran.

2. The letter "G." Come on, be more positive! It’s not "death," only the letter "G"!

3. Holes.

4. Let’s face it. There are no easy ways to double your money unless you put it in front of a mirror!

5. Nothing. Nothing is greater than God and more evil than the devil because no one likes to have, possess, or know nothing. Of course, the poor have nothing, and the rich don’t need anything, which makes them need nothing. In the end, if you eat nothing you die, right? It all makes sense.

6. Henry! You were going to say July, weren't you?

7. The second man will use a communication device. It can be a text message or a program that can speak instead of the man. Come on, no one said these 3 don’t live in the 21st century!

8. 11. We each have 2 eyes, and there was no mention about the pairs of eyes. So we have 10 people in addition to the man who dropped the book. He can’t look at himself, but he’s still in the library.

9. He was born in room number 1955 in the hospital! Nobody said it was the year 1955.

10. You cannot take a picture with a wooden leg – you need a camera.

11. This task was for those who can really think outside the box. Here are those numbers:

12. Number 3 was the right answer. Did you manage to cope with this?

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