10 Signs You Are Becoming an Annoying Mom on the Internet

Moms spend a lot of time on the internet. According to a "moms and media" report made by Edison Research, more than 90% of mothers use social networking sites. This is all good, except some moms can be really delusional when it comes to their babies. Posting thousands of baby photos, preaching to others on how to live – if you recognize yourself or someone you know in this, we just might have news for you.

Bright Side wants to draw some attention to posts that might need a little "thinking over" before they're put out on the Internet.

1. Oversharing

These moms share everything, no really, everything. A mom like this has to show everyone what she's having for breakfast, where she's going, literally every minute of her life. You know every last detail of her day.

A new study has shown that there's a reason new mothers can't seem to stop themselves from continual postings. It discusses our psychological motivations to expose so much on social media.

This research shows that mothers who identified themselves most strongly with their new maternal role posted more often than others. These mothers also emotionally depend on reactions and comments they get from their posts. If they don't receive enough likes on their new baby photo, they actually feel really bad.

2. Posting every single pic with slightly different emotions

Social media isn't a family yearbook. It's better to choose one really sweet and cool photo and share it with your friends.

Sometimes it can be a problem for moms to choose the best one and they post a bunch of identical photos with minor changes in their facial expressions. People can understand how cute you look together, with just one perfect shot. Then you get the desirable comments like "Aww..."

3. Commenting about being a parent on any status

Surely, all of us know that parenting isn't easy. It's life-changing, but it's not the end-all of everything. Sometimes people need a child-free zone to talk about stuff important to them at a particular moment.

These moms don't really care about what the topic is and add comments referring to parenting even if they're completely off topic. For example, if someone is excited about the goal they've achieved, like a hard-earned Master's degree, or a car long yearned for, this mom might make comments like, "Nothing can be compared with a joy of having kids." Which is actually inappropriate and could be taken as a rude gesture.

4. Exaggerating your kids' achievements

Clearly this little baby couldn't use a phone to take a bunch of photos all by herself or this baby is so smart, that she can even take photos of herself without using arms. Let's be honest, a baby is more likely to chew on a phone if it appears in its hands.

We've all seen these moms who heap high praise on their kids. Research has shown that these kids are likely to have low self-esteem. It says that when parents compliment children too much with the pupose of increasing their self-esteem, they actually create the opposite effect. By doing this they are sending a message that their kid needs to always rise to their standards and kids start to feel a fear of failure.

5. Push present bragging

A new trend is going viral on social media: comparing push presents received from their beloved husbands. For those who haven't heard about this, these gifts are given by their partners to thank them for a newborn child. The feeling behind these posts is "you only wish to have a husband like mine who really loves me."

Mothers from around the world have started a competition to see "whose push present is more luxurious." One by one they post their lavish presents: designer bags, new cars, expensive jewelry - the popular choices of happy new dads.

6. Providing too much information

That's obviously a really great piece of news, but clearly it's not something to share with everyone you know. Not everybody wants to be a part of the joy of this milestone. Let's follow some etiquette rules.

Your friends like to look at your cute baby photos, but they definitely don't want to hear about struggles you go through like diaper blowouts or detailed stories of potty training. And please, no pictures proving the results. We all know what the tiny potty is for. But in some instances, it's just not cute at all.

7. Bragging about every milestone

It makes total sense why almost all moms are guilty of bragging. They are really proud of every new move their child makes. This is a big moment for parents and it's totally understandable why they want to share it with the whole world, but others may not see this as newsworthy.

The worst thing that is happening on social media is comparing one child to another. Everyone wants their kids to be a little bit ahead of others and it seems like there is a competition for whose kid learns to walk first, says their first words... This actually makes no sense because all children grow up in their own way and time.

8. "How lucky I am to have my children" posts

It's definitely a blessing to have kids. And the appearance of kids in your life turns it upside down. But there's nothing wrong with people who don't have kids, whether it's their choice or not.

There's a lot of pressure that people put on both sexes, but it's particularly bad for women. Society says that you fail as a woman if you haven't given birth. People don't need to have children to be seen as complete human beings. And some can't have them, no matter how much they might want them.

9. Too many selfie posts

Some people can't last one day without posting a quick selfie. Selfies don't contain much information because all we can see in them is how different your makeup, hairstyle, or the mood of your kid is today.

A report from Birmingham Business School claims that people who post too many selfies, have shallow relationships with other people. Frequent selfie photo sharing is related to a decrease in intimacy, says the research. The report also revealed that these people are considered to be self-centered, that's why they don't realize that what they're doing is wrong.

10. Aggressive posts

Sometimes moms can be a little offensive towards other moms if they don't share the same parenting style. It's been shown that some of them can look down on mothers who undergo C-sections. Surely, almost all women want to have a natural delivery, but sometimes they might have no choice.

New mothers go through a lot of changes and the most significant ones are emotional in nature. Researchers have found that breastfeeding moms are twice as aggressive as bottle-feeding ones. This is called the "mama bear" effect. It gives them extra courage to protect themselves and their babies.

Nevertheless, it's almost impossible to disagree, they're so cute!

We love our little creatures so unbelievably much that we can't wait to share our emotions with everyone. But we should probably try to think of other ways to share our joy with people who really care about it, like private messaging. Why not?

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