10 Stories Showing That Life With Pets Is Never Boring

Pet owners can hardly complain of boredom. Their beloved animals sometimes do such funny things that it's impossible not to tell the whole world about them. And this is exactly what they do, publishing their stories in online communities.

Bright Side collected for you the most touching and funny stories about pets' adventures.

  • A year ago, we noticed someone was running around the kitchen squeaking. Turned out it was a mouse. We decided to let our fatty cat solve the situation. Alas... He persisted in pretending that the situation in the kitchen was fine. We decided that since his natural instincts were swelled with fat, he could starve and hunt the mouse. We locked him in the kitchen for the night. After an hour and a half, we heard him catch it and start eating with a crunching sound. When we looked in the kitchen, we saw that he'd jumped on the counter, opened the breadbox, and was eating a loaf of bread.
  • My dog is very well trained and never eats what other people give him. When I leave for business trips, my neighbor looks after my dog. Yet since Johnny (that's my dog's name) doesn't eat even what she gives him, I call her on the phone, she turns on the speaker, and I say, "Johnny, you can eat this!" And only then will he begin to eat. Clever dog.
  • I began to notice that someone was stealing my cigarettes. I blamed everyone, but no one confessed. One day, sitting in the kitchen, out of the corner of my eye I caught my rat getting out of the cage, climbing onto the table, deftly pulling out a cigarette from the pack, and then running under the couch. I entered the room, pushed the sofa back, and saw her carefully hiding the cigarette under the skirting. There already were about 10 cigarettes. My caring baby. I don't smoke anymore.
  • I've been in the hospital for about a week. Every day my parents come and share some news. I found out that my cat didn't come home for two days. I got worried because he almost never walks outside. A couple of days later I was allowed to walk outdoors, and what do you think I saw? My miracle sitting on a flower bed and meowing. They allowed me to take him to the hospital room.
  • Mom bought a vacuum cleaner that moves itself across the carpet like a turtle. Naturally, all my cats liked this thing and started hunting it. One night I wake up from the vacuum cleaner's squeaking, turn on the flashlight, and...I see the vacuum cleaner slowly passing me by with one of my cats sitting on the top of it, full of dignity. The rest are following him. He looked at me with utter contempt, and the whole procession went to the kitchen. They seemed to start evolving! Now I demonstrate this phenomenon to my friends, calling it "Satan's Ball."
  • My parrot now has a sweetheart: a pigeon who flies to my window every day and communicates with him through the glass. He even began to tear out bits of colorful paper and decorate himself to look more attractive. To love, apparently, not only all ages owe submission but also different species.
  • My cat and I lived together in a rented apartment. There he loved screaming at night with all his might so that I would get up and open a door or just to greet me. Recently we moved to a new apartment without any doors. I thought that I would finally get a great sound sleep, but no. This weirdo started yelling the first night. I woke up, went to the doorway, where there actually wasn't any door, and pretended to open an imaginary door. The cat pathetically went in. He was waiting until I opened the imaginary door in front of him at three o'clock in the morning!
  • I got a raccoon as a pet. Now this guy takes everything I eat off my plate, runs to the kitchen, and rinses it in the sink. He's clearly squeamish!
  • My cat, if I come home late, first doesn't come to me, and then suddenly appears and yells. Today I returned late at night, so she threw things out of my closet and meowed so I couldn't sleep... Oh God, she's not a cat - she's a wife.
  • My friend has a huge private house where she decided to celebrate her wedding. It was time to give gifts. My husband and I approached the newlyweds, and as soon as I opened my mouth to say something I saw the dumb horror on the bride's face. I turned and cried out. The bride's favorite cat, apparently having decided she should also present something, brought a field mouse in her teeth. How deep was her disappointment when instead of enthusiastic exclamations she heard scared cries!
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