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10 Strange Korean Beauty Tools That Will Become Your Favourite

Asia’s beauty culture is known for amazing face creams and masks, but did you know that they also have some absolutely stunning beauty tools to work with? Some of them impressed us at Bright Side so much that we decided to make a list and share it with you. Check it out!

14. Face training device

This face training and lifting device from Japan is what everyone has been waiting for!

13. Cheek muscle stimulation gadget

A stunning V-shaped face with high cheekbones is no longer just a dream — it is a dream come true! Using this device will make your face look toned and fresh.

12. Anti-wrinkle neck iron

This anti-wrinkle neck iron will make sure that your neck looks 20-something. It could become one of your favorites.

11. Face Lift Bra beauty device

It takes time to figure out how it works at the beginning, but when you do, you’ll surely want to make it your daily beauty routine gadget! The cheeks become so firm and lifted!

10. Face-lifting mask

A scene from Hannibal? Not so much! This is a face-lifting mask with a sauna effect that boasts to customers that it will easily slim their face!

9. Eye massager

Nope, that is not VR gear but a cool eye massager. A big hit in Korea, a country with a large number of people with eyesight problems, this device will make your eyes relax, play music to you, AND make sure you see reality clearly. Also, it’s been noted that it helps with cosmetic troubles such as dark circles and puffiness. This is exactly what we need after a day staring at a screen!

8. Cheek slimmer

A more upgraded version of a cheek slimmer — a device that needs batteries. It works by putting pressure on your lovely cheeks. Surely they will become even more beautiful!

7. Facial hair tweezer

We all suffer from occasional hair growth. Well, this tweezer is the next level in hair removal for your face — it even gets rid of the hair on your cheeks. This is what we’ve been looking for!

6. Ball massager for the face

This silicon ball massager helps with lifting the skin and generally relaxing the muscles for a perfect facial structure. Looks like this one is really worth trying!

5. Nose clip

This device makes everyone else wonder what it’s even supposed to do to your nose? Make it smaller? Lift the tip up? We will just continue to wonder.

4. Skin-cooling roller

This could actually work well during hot summer days because it supposedly feels very cooling on your skin. But walking with it around the mall might be a bit, well, awkward.

3. Foot-peeling slippers

Foot-peeling socks? Come on, a whole slipper is the newest trend in Korea! Everyday use will apparently make your feet very soft.

2. For the perfect V-line: cheek-slimming belt

Another face-lifting tool! This is a belt that goes around your cheeks to make them look skinnier at the end. This must feel very tight.

1. Eyebrow-trimming guide

Not just trimming scissors for eyebrows but a guide you must follow to get perfectly shaped brows!

Preview photo credit Coupang, Aliexpress
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