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10 Things a Masseuse Already Knows About You the Second They Meet You

A person’s lifestyle leaves an imprint on their body and this doesn’t only pertain to bad habits. Whether it’s hobbies, jobs, old injuries, or health issues — a professional can basically “see” all of these things on our bodies. And while some changes are irreversible, we can change with others’ help, by ourselves, or with the help of an expert.

Bright Side was interested in the things a masseuse can notice about their patient the first time they see them. As it turns out, these people know more about us than we think!

1. You carry a bag on one shoulder.

An experienced masseuse will notice right away that one side of your body is tenser than the other. A habit of carrying a bag on one shoulder (especially a heavy one) leads to spine dislocation from a long-term perspective. You might feel stiffness in the buttocks, patella tendons, and your quads. All these things lead to the unnatural angle of your pelvis. In order to avoid these unpleasant consequences, it is best to carry bags on alternating shoulders.

2. You have children.

Pregnancy leads to several consequences: during the 9 months you carry the baby, the body changes a lot! Tendons can become softer both around the pelvis and throughout the entire body. It may take a couple of years for them to recover, so a good masseuse will notice the changes during your first visit. Some women also develop carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy. Fortunately, most of these problems disappear over time.

3. You spend a lot of time driving.

The position a person sits in when driving is wrong: the knees are above the hips, and the upper body leans forward. This causes tension in the shoulders and lower back which has a bad influence on the back in the long-term. People start to hunch. If you have to drive a lot, do a series of exercises and buy special covers for your seat.

4. You sleep in the wrong position.

Experts are convinced that the best sleep position is on the back, and only the head should be on the pillow. People who sleep on their stomachs end up having neck pain in the morning. Because you put a heavy load on your spine, your muscles get stiff, and over time this can lead to more serious health problems, such as spinal curvature.

5. You had injuries when you were a child.

The consequences of some injuries are very typical, so it’s hard to hide them from an expert. For example, people who had a broken hip, spine, or leg often have one leg that is shorter than the other. So while you may have forgotten about an unfortunate accident you had when you were a child, an experienced masseuse will notice its effects right away.

6. You overuse your smartphone.

We often forget to watch our posture when we’re very involved in texting or checking our social media feed on our phones. But posture is very important! When looking at your smartphone, the head leans toward the screen, the shoulders rise a little, and the neck muscles become stiff. As a result, even simple rubbing of this area can result in pain or discomfort. And if you spend a lot of time in this position, you might have an imbalance in your shoulders. The main recommendation for smartphone users is to take breaks more often.

7. You have an allergy.

There are very sensitive points on the face — they are located near the eyes, forehead, and cheeks. If you have allergies, these areas will be inflamed. Palpation may be a more effective way to find the problem rather than just an observation. The tissue in these areas is different from what it should be. Lymph nodes near the neck and chest may become swollen.

8. You work at a computer a lot.

Working at a computer for many hours at a time has several unpleasant effects on the body. First, the neck and shoulders become very stiff. Second, your lower back is in danger, so in a long-term perspective, people who are forced to spend the entire day in front of a computer screen have a hip imbalance. Many people complain about tension in their legs and buttocks that is built up because the body is in the wrong position.

9. You have digestion problems.

This is very simple: when you have chronic constipation, your belly is very solid, so an expert will notice this as soon as they touch you. Fortunately, a masseuse is able to help you get rid of this problem. There are a lot of different ways to do it.

10. You carry a heavy backpack.

Using a backpack has a lot of effects we don’t know about. It can lead to very serious health conditions, from scoliosis to cardiovascular diseases. The straps might push on your shoulders and the muscles in this area will become tense as a response to the pressure (the same goes for women who wear very tight bras). This is why it’s very important to choose your gear correctly. The backpack should be tight on your back. It’s best if you have another belt to attach to your waist — this way the weight will be evenly spread.

Have you noticed such symptoms? Do you think our everyday habits have a big impact on our bodies?

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Illustrated by Inna Grevtseva for Bright Side