10 Things That Can Save Your Life During a Zombie Apocalypse

Hardcore fandoms of The Walking Dead and all zombie movies are sure that a zombie apocalypse is a real thing. Or it will be.

And since mankind is capable of literally everything, we tried to entertain the idea of an actual zombie apocalypse and make a list of items that will surely help readers of Bright Side to survive it.

Packed vehicle

A bunker is great until your city is taken over and you need to move around. So take this advice and stuff your Nissan (or whatever you've got) with necessary items: food, armor, and gas.

Zombie repellent

If you ever actually get to shower in this madness, may we suggest a zombie repellent soap? It actually exists!

Zombie first aid kit

While the whole world is in ruins, you don't want a papercut to slow your escape. Get yourself a nice first aid kit full of bandages.

Clean water

Even if your bunker is full of gallons of water, you have no idea when you can actually leave that bunker. So a purifying water straw would be useful. And though it was created to help out countries with severe water deficiencies, we totally think they had a zombie apocalypse in mind.


A Swiss Army Knife is a child's plaything when it comes to zombies. Be sure to have a hammer, ax, saw, and, for the heck of it, a bottle opener.

Survival kit

Well, it goes without saying. How are you supposed to survive without a machete? SPAM and The Zombie Survival Guide (again, it actually exists) are just the cherry on top.


No, jewelry is not optional. You can't afford to look like a mess, even during the bad times. And what would you give your spouse on your anniversary if you both survive by some crazy chance? There is no such thing as "too prepared."

Stingray tree tent

Tents on the ground are way too dangerous. Put your tent in the trees so that zombies can only gently brush you with the tops of their heads. They can't raise their hands above their shoulders, right?

Wearable sleeping bag

On trees, in a car, or in a field – you've got to be comfy and warm. Just put your sleeping bag on, and go along your path of survival with your buttocks safely wrapped.

Zombie-proof house

And, of course, your house is your fortress. Be sure to zombie-proof it.

Now we are happy to announce that in the unlikely event of a zombie apocalypse, you will be prepared. What other things might help us through this? Be sure to share!

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