10+ Times People Had a Bit Too Much and Did Really Weird Things

Most of us have had that night once in life, especially in our student days, after which we bitterly regretted something. Or, on the contrary, we laughed our heads off for a while after a party.

We at Bright Side have chosen some of the funniest regrets of really tough drinking nights.

1. Snickersphone

How is this even possible?

2. The perfect match

"Got blackout drunk last night... My girlfriend helped me remember what happened."

3. Car bathing

"So this happened to my neighbor last night...don't drive drunk."

4. Taking a bath

This must feel really soft.

5. Potato discipline

Mom likes control.

6. Calculator alarm

Hope this guy didn't oversleep for work.

7. Memory loss

OK, next time we will need video proof.

8. A little conversation

No one understands you better than yourself.

9. Smart guy

"Drunk. Got the Dominos guy to buy me McDonald's in the special instructions section."

10. Cosmic cat

Not the worst purchase, though.

11. Would you like some...shoes?

When drunk, you need to keep your shoes at a special temperature.

12. A fellow lama

"My friends and I got drunk one night in a small country town. Woke up the next morning with this picture on my phone."

13. Fingerman

"My friend and I were drunk photoshopping last night. Forgot we made this."

14. The locked shoe

"Had a house party last night. Still can't find the key to my mom's shoe..."

15. Dino belly

"My friend was drunk when he decided to tattoo a black face Charmander with no experience or artistic ability. The flame saves it."

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