10 Outlandish Things That Are Ordinary for the Pope

Only a man who is a bachelor, older than 35, a cardinal, and has a doctorate can become Pope. This is the highest step in the career of a Catholic priest and it is unbelievably hard to achieve. So why do so many people want this job so much?

At Bright Side, we can't help but wonder what cool advantages you'd we'd have with the title, Pope.

10. The Pope has a cool car

The Popemobile is the name of the car that was specially designed for the Pope. Before, the Pontiff was carried by 12 people on a special throne (which is also not a bad way to travel), but as technology has advanced, the throne was substituted for a car. Why does the car have such a peculiar shape, you ask? This is because believers want to be able to see the head of the Catholic church while he moves around the city.

Every time the Pope travels to other countries, he doesn't take the car with him, it is usually constructed at the final destination. The Popemobile doesn't have to be rich and luxurious - the present pontiff chooses less expensive brands, whereas his predecessors preferred a Mercedes and BMW.

9. Classes on exorcism in the Vatican

This isn't really a big advantage of being the Pope, but it's just an interesting fact. Exorcism is a ritual acknowledged by the Catholic church and there are special educational courses for exorcists in the Vatican. Of course, not just anyone can take these courses, only priests. There is a textbook and a professor, but there is nothing "Hollywood" about these courses: exorcists are taught to free the possessed with prayers, qualified doctors, and psychiatrists.

8. The Pope has a really interesting job

What decisions do you make at work? The Pope makes extremely important ones. For example, only in 1882 did Pope John Paul II put an end to the Galileo case. He admitted that the Earth did in fact revolve around the sun.

7. Incredible clothes and shoes

Infula, zucchetto and mozzetta. No, these aren't dishes from a menu of an Italian restaurant, these are in fact parts of the Pope's wardrobe. The Pope has a wide variety of clothes, and the most common kinds of fabric used for his pieces are silk and velvet, and they use gold, silver, and ermine for decoration. Some Popes even order a special perfume for themselves.

Unlike his more traditional clothing, the Pope has the right to wear red leather shoes and the legendary "Ring of the Fisherman". But not all Popes need this luxury: the present Pope Francis wears simple shoes, and asked to have a ring made of silver, gilded in gold.

The only problem with these clothes is that they are not very good in windy weather.

6. Absolute power in the Vatican belongs to the Pope

Despite the monarchs of many countries, the Pope is not just a job "for show". If we skip all the boring details, the Pope has full power over the Vatican and the Catholic church. And he gets the title for life. He can use the property of the church, proclaim the saints and many other things.

5. The Vatican is a rich country

The Vatican is quite a rich country as all the finances of the Catholic world flow here: the donations, the tourism income and so on. The Vatican owns a lot of big property in Europe and Latin America. The Vatican has enough money to invest it into the industry of other developed countries and buy shares (General Motors and IBM, for example).

4. The present Pope is on coins

The national currency of the Vatican is the euro, but special coins are made for this country and have the portrait of the present Pope on them. While you are just trying to collect at least 10 likes on your selfie, the Pope's face is all over the entire continent of Europe.

3. The Vatican ATMs

In the Vatican, everything is made for the people who serve there. For those who have trouble speaking the living languages, there are ATMs which support Latin.

2. What citizenship does the Pope have?

If a person decides to dedicate his life to serving God, he gets the necessary education and climbs the career ladder to eventually become cardinal. Then he gets chosen to become the Pope. But what citizenship will he have? The Vatican citizenship, of course. In the photo above, you can see the passport that every new Pope gets. But in fact, this passport is only necessary for international diplomatic trips, and within the country, they can use a plastic ID card.

The Vatican citizenship is granted only for the time while he serves or works there, so if the Pope abdicates, he will get an Italian passport.

1. What about the simple things?

The head of the Catholic world is a very serious and important job which is very hard to get because there are many things you must sacrifice for it.

The entire Catholic world is watching the Pope, which is why it's such a huge responsibility. But he is human too, and has his own Twitter account and a football team.

Which fun fact about the Pope amazed you the most? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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