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10 Ways That Colors of Everyday Things Influence How You Feel

Marketing gurus effectively use color psychology to create specific associations in our brains. One study suggests that 90% of the decisions made by people are based on the object’s color. We can also control our emotions by learning about the specific effects that each color has on us.

Bright Side already did the homework for you and we’re ready to share how the different colors of things around you can influence your emotional state.

1. Orange

How it makes you feel: It can energize and stimulate you when it comes to physical activity. It promotes feelings of optimism and courage, so you can conquer new opportunities. Orange is also often associated with creativity and fun.

When it’s needed: Whenever you want to exercise, draw attention to yourself, or communicate fun to others. In general, orange is great for fitness rooms, parties, and various uniforms.

2. Blue

How it makes you feel: It brings comfort and peace. We tend to associate blue with water and sky, which are symbols of freedom and tranquility.

When it’s needed: Blue is perfect for relaxation, so it’s an essential color to introduce to your home, or wherever else you need some peace and quiet.

3. Green

How it makes you feel: Since green is the color of life, it’s connected to the emotions of balance, safety, and stability. Green can also inspire well-being and recharge energy.

When it’s needed: Green is often associated with food, so it’s very popular in grocery stores and can be useful in a kitchen. A few pops of green around your home (i.e. house plants) can bring a lot of life and vibrancy into your space.

4. Black

How it makes you feel: Black provides a sense of security and emotional protection. In our minds, nothing can get through black, so it’s perfect for hiding feelings and guarding vulnerability.

When it’s needed: For many people, black is a go-to color when it comes to technology because it feels safe and dependable. It’s also effective in communicating authority and mystery.

5. Purple

How it makes you feel: Purple is believed to provide mental balance, stability, and is the color of spiritual enlightenment. Purple also used to be the favorite color among royalty, so it’s often associated with luxury.

When it’s needed: When you’re looking to relax and get comfortable or communicate wealth. In general, it’s a great color for your soft household objects, like blankets, bed sheets, pillows, etc.

6. Red

How it makes you feel: Red is the color of power, passion, and energy. It motivates and energizes you for immediate action and can even feel uncomfortable to introverts or in situations that require peace and quiet.

When it’s needed: If you need to get some work done, red is the perfect color to stimulate activity. It’s also great for drawing attention to yourself and boosting confidence.

7. Yellow

How it makes you feel: Yellow inspires excitement, positivity, and fun. But it’s also the color of awareness, without a sense of worry or fear.

When it’s needed: You might’ve noticed that most airport and road signs feature black text on a bright yellow background. That’s because yellow instantly draws attention and actually makes you focus on information. Thus, it’s a perfect color for whenever you make a presentation or need to convey an urgent message.

8. White

How it makes you feel: White is the color of purity and innocence. It brings a sense of safety, hopefulness, and new beginnings, as if you’re wiping the slate clean and starting over. We feel unrest when white is used out of context. That’s why villains drinking milk in movies is so effective.

When it’s needed: Use white to convey cleanliness and comfort. It’s the color you’ll see the most in hotels and hospitals, because it’s great at showing hospitality and security.

9. Pink

How it makes you feel: Pink represents romance, warmth, and femininity. In our minds, it is instantly associated with nurturing and caring behavior, that’s why it’s often used on children’s and female products.

When it’s needed: Pink can make women seem more attractive in men’s eyes. Pink clothes, pink makeup, pink nails — it all completes a romantic look for any girl. This color is also often used in baking, as it makes us think that what we see is very sweet.

10. Brown

How it makes you feel: Brown is natural, down-to-earth and comforting. It gives us feelings of stability and reliability, which is why it’s one of the colors that can easily make us feel at home anywhere.

When it’s needed: Whenever you need to make an environment around you more welcoming. Brown is effective when used on wooden objects to show strength and wealth.

What is your favorite color? What are your go-to shades when it comes to home decorating and clothing?

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