10 Weird Ideas That Helped People Make a Million Bucks

Sometimes it’s enough to think outside the box and be willing to take risks to make a fortune. You never know what idea will become profitable: it can be anything from jellyfish breeding to sending SMS to space.

We at Bright Side believe that you shouldn’t be afraid of crazy and weird ideas since one of them could make you a millionaire.

10. All you have to do is ask.

Anybody can get in a situation when they’re in debt and nobody can help. Karyn Bosnak found a bold solution to this crucial situation. When she was $20,000 in credit card debt and lost her job, she decided to ask people on the Internet for help. Surprisingly, many people wanted to lend a hand to a woman in an unfortunate situation.

In less than 6 months, Karyn not only paid off the debt completely but she also became a real millionaire. After that she managed to boost her fortune: she published books about her unique experience and launched a website.

9. Keeping a jellyfish as a pet

A young biologist named Alex Endon once wondered why the pet shop didn’t offer jellyfish for purchase and decided to change that. He spent $50,000 to make a special aquarium with jellyfish to breed them. In 2010, several years after launching the project, the business started to bring in $500,000 a year and now the revenue exceeds $1,000,000.

8. A cyber empire

A formerly famous computer game called Second Life made an ordinary school teacher, Ailin Graef the first person to earn $1,000,000 online. She bought real estate made of pixels, repaired, and then rented it out.

In 2006, she made $1,000,000 but she didn’t stop there. She continued to buy property in other online games and started her own company. She hired several dozens of employees who work as online realtors and bring in a high profit to the company owner.

7. Screenshots from Instagram

A modern artist named Richard Prince decided in the 1980s that you don’t need to create anything yourself to become famous, make money, and contribute to global art. He took famous paintings, both private and from advertisements, slightly changed them, and displayed them. Then he sold them by auction for millions of dollars. Sometimes he was sued but he managed to win most cases. His attitude is bold and simple: “Authorship is nothing.”

One of Prince’s latest works were screenshots of photos made by ordinary users on Instagram which he managed to sell for thousands and thousands of dollars. One of the authors decided to compete with the artist and sell the work himself, but the revenue turned out to be 1,000 times less. In the age of technology, when the topic of authorship causes hot debate, such business ideas confuse many, but despite all factors, stay profitable.

6. Floor lamps that look like a woman’s leg

Although it may seem like unusual lamps wouldn’t surprise anybody, Brian Jones managed to do it. The founder of the company, Red Rider Leg Lamps decided to sell lamps looking like women’s legs. His family and friends were making fun of him but he believed in his idea and now the yearly income of the company, which has been on the market for more than 15 years, is $1,000,000. Recently they launched several new products but their leg lamps are still their most popular item.

5. Fragrances that smell like a tennis ball and a laundry room

Mark Crames, the current owner of a worldwide brand called Demeter, bought the company in 2003 and decided to start a revolution in the world of fragrance. His first ideas were perfumes smelling like the ground, grass, and tomatoes to evoke pleasant and warm memories. These new products instantly became hits, and then the company released fragrances smelling like worms, a funeral home, tennis balls, and other unusual scents. You can even find fantasies about vampires or zombies in limited collections.

Nowadays these original fragrances are famous around the world, they’ve won the trust of Hollywood celebrities, and the company continues to surprise its fans with new, unique compositions.

4. Advertisements on your head

An American man named Brandon Chikotsky became bald early on in his life and decided to turn this unusual feature into a successful way of making money. He started to rent this scalp out to advertising agencies making temporary tattoos for different brands.

The idea turned out to be profitable and Chikotsky quite quickly started his own company, Bald Logo, whose marketing campaigns ended up on 1,000,000 online publications. For only $320, a client can claim a bald head of an employee of this unusual company which then becomes advertising space, significantly expanding the client base.

3. Nuts for washing

Nowadays when people around the world try to use organic products as much as possible, the company called Eco Nuts came up with an idea to sell a laundry detergent with healthy Himalayan berries. This strange idea brought the corporation millions of dollars. Although the products of this company vary today, “Eco Nuts” are still their signature product.

2. The most minimalistic app

It took web-developer Or Arbel 8 hours to create an app that allows an employer to get in touch with their employees with a short word: yo. In just several weeks, the app became a hit in the AppStore and became a leader in sales worldwide. Soon Arbel got many business ideas and improved his app. Now companies could use it to inform their clients about sales. For example, football fans got notifications about goals, while Starbucks informed clients about the status of their orders.

And although the app didn’t exist for a long time, it helped earn its creator more than $1.5 million.

1. Cosmic SMS

More than 10 years ago, 2 British students came up with an idea to make money by sending messages to space. They claimed that they managed to create a special radio-magnetic device that could send the message directly into space. So people who wanted to share their message with the universe had to call a special number, leave a short message, and pay for the service. Of course, there was no proof that the messages had really been sent but the students earned $1,000,000 with their idea.

To tell the truth, the project was closed pretty quickly but since then many similar companies have been created around the world with the same type of idea. They make money on the dream of conquering space, even if it’s possible only by sending SMS.

Have you ever gotten an unusual idea about how to make a million bucks? Tell us about it!

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