11 Cool Futuristic Devices You Can Already Buy Today

We live in the 21st century but we still iron our clothes and manually count calories. Maybe it's time to delegate these and many other tasks to electronic assistants, especially since some of them are already available right now.

Bright Side found 11 new devices that can make our daily routines much easier and allow us to spend our free time doing what we love.

A mirror that can replace beauty experts

The device will evaluate your face on a scale of 0 to 100, analyze the effects of creams and other cosmetic products that you use, and will give you a detailed report and skincare recommendations based on the analysis.

This lovely mirror costs €360, which is not so expensive compared to the services of beauty experts. A pleasant bonus is that the mirror can play music, show YouTube videos, and it's also possible to order products from Amazon with its help.

Light therapy glasses for coping with jet lag

The principle of the glasses is based on the fact that our biological clocks are regulated by light which contributes to the development of melatonin and it, in turn, is a regulator of our daily rhythm.

If you are traveling east, then the glasses should be worn in the morning for 60 minutes. This way, you'll be able to fall asleep in the evening without any trouble once you arrive at your destination. If you're traveling west, the device will have to be worn in the evening so as not to fall asleep too early and not suffer from night awakenings. The price of the gadget is $299.

Robotic pillow for insomnia

Not only does this robot pillow help you fall asleep but it also reduces anxiety and helps get rid of stress. The robot analyzes a person's breathing rhythm and quietly adjusts to it in such a way that makes it easier to fall asleep quicker.

The gadget can play relaxing sounds or music, depending on the user's choice. The pillow costs €412. Despite the high cost, there are plenty of people who wish to order it since insomnia is something that many people suffer from all over the world.

Smart socks

Smart socks are actually more accurate in comparison with the well-known fitness wristband. The gadget tracks physical activity, counts the calories burned, and even helps the user choose a pair of athletic shoes that are perfect for him. You can wash these socks in a washing machine. The price of the device is comparable to the price of a regular fitness bracelet – $199.

Innovative device for cleaning teeth

Don't be startled by the non-standard look of the toothbrush and the equally unusual device for dental floss. Their undeniable advantage is that they allow you to brush all your teeth in just 6 seconds. Each brush is made based on 3D-scanning of the oral cavity and costs from $75 to $100.

Air-cleansing cushion for children

The filters built into the cushion can purify the air from automobile exhausts, gases, and soot. The device creates a kind of air bubble around the child's head and doesn't allow the inhalation of harmful substances.

Also, the device responds to rising levels of dangerous gases such as nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide, and warns parents about it with a mobile application. The cushion will go on sale this summer. The approximate cost is $200 and the replacement filters will cost $5.

Tent for rest in any convenient place

The Swedish company that owns the idea of creating a portable tent admits that it was inspired by houses made of pillows and blankets – which each of us loved as children. Adult life is full of stress so why not relax and be alone for at least 5 minutes?

A mask for sleeping is attached to the tent and its lower part is laid out in such a way that you can lie down and stretch your legs. Inside, the tent is provided with a light, as well as a holder for a tablet so you can easily read or watch a movie. The price of a portable adult "house" is only $99.

Glasses for choosing the right diopter

These glasses will be useful for people suffering from age-related farsightedness. They are based on the principle of binoculars or a microscope and allow you to change the focal length by simply moving your hand. The owners of this invention will no longer have to buy a few pairs of glasses since all activities can be performed with the help of one pair.

The price of the glasses starts from $89. Those who doubt whether or not the glasses will suit them can take advantage of the free opportunity to test the glasses for 30 days.

Interactive fridge

Samsung's smart refrigerator photographs its content and sends the photo to the owner so that he knows which products to buy. He also suggests various recipes. The display makes it possible to order ingredients online, to find out the weather, to listen to music, or to watch a video. This smart refrigerator is a bit pricier than regular ones, but the $3,499 may be worth spending when you consider all of the time-saving benefits it provides.

Device for counting calories in a prepared dish

By its appearance, the device resembles a microwave oven. To calculate the number of calories in a prepared dish, you need to open the door and place the plate inside; additional grinding of the components and other manipulations are not required. The system will independently analyze the food based on 3 criteria and will show the result on the display or on your smartphone screen.

The device exists only at the prototype stage but we hope that soon it will be available to everyone who monitors the food they eat and wants to know the exact amount of calories consumed.

Automatic ironing machine

This appliance will take over the routine work that almost no one likes doing – ironing. The machine will cope equally well with synthetic, natural, and delicate fabrics such as silk or wool. It can work with 12 items at the same time, which will save your time considerably.

The clothes are processed by a specially designed hot press and they get dried and ironed and are then automatically exposed to the outside. Sales of the ironing machine haven't started yet but despite the price of $930, there is already a waiting list of people who want to purchase it.

Which of these devices do you wish you had right now? Share with us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Ferrari Press/EAST NEWS
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