11 Countries in the World Where Women Are in High Demand

Demography is a strange thing. In one country, the female population strongly outweighs the male; in some others, there are more men. The scales are tilted by migrants, housing problems, and even mentality.

We at Bright Side have compiled a list of countries that lack women. Tell us in the comments where you'd go to save the lonely hearts of handsome guys!

1. Norway

In Norway, there are 12,000 more men than women. And it's not clear yet how to reduce this gender gap.

2. Iceland

In Iceland, on average, there are 104 men for every 100 women. In this regard, there were even rumors that the Icelandic government would pay foreign ladies to marry an Icelandic man, but this was quickly denied.

3. Canada

In Canada, there are 250,000 more men than women. This has to do with the fact that women often leave for other countries to work and don't return to their homeland.

4. Cyprus

Notwithstanding large migrant inflows, there's still a shortage of women in Cyprus.

5. China

In China, there are 34 million more men than women.

6. Finland

In Finland, according to statistics, 256,000 men aged from 25 to 54 don't have a date.

7. Italy

Italian women rarely see themselves as housewives and seek to develop a career. Young ladies often move to other countries to work or study.

8. Sweden

The excess of men is connected with a large influx of refugees. At the moment, there are almost 15,000 fewer women in Sweden.

9. India

In India, under the age of 24, there are 110 men for every 100 women.

10. Switzerland

As in Sweden, the odds in favor of the male population in Switzerland are explained by migratory flows.

11. England

In England, there is no stereotype that a woman should earn less than a man. Therefore, young ladies have great careers and often move abroad for work.

So would you like to marry a foreigner? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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