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11 Double Standards That Are Ruining Our Lives

A double standard is not just a term. It is the injustice, discrimination, and pain that our society brings to people. Unfortunately, prejudgment is common in our everyday life and it affects us in a terrible way.

But we at Bright Side believe that people can make a difference. And looking at the horrible truth can be a good start on the way to changing our attitude toward people and situations.

1. We evaluate flirting at work based on personal preferences.

2. We judge outfits, forgetting that people are comfortable in them.

3. Each client deserves attention regardless of the size of their wallet.

4. It’s not just the sweet fluffies that are worthy of being adopted, they all need a safe place to call home.

5. The older generation accuses children of being addicted to their phones, not noticing their own addiction to TV.

6. Society praises men for getting attention from the opposite sex, while women are condemned for it.

7. A woman driver is still considered worse than a man.

8. We react to sadness according to the gender of a person, not according to their feelings.

9. The same behavior from stranger’s and our own children causes us to have a different reaction.

10. We expect the mother to pay more attention to a child than the father.

11. A person’s appetite and figure are their own business.

Have you ever been a victim of double standards? You can tell your story in the comments.

Illustrated by Natalia Okuneva-Rarakina for Bright Side