11 Funny Pictures of the Different Types of Girls You See at the Gym

Summer is coming and soon all the gyms will be full of newbies craving a good workout and who are determined to get in shape. Despite the fact that all fitness centers are a little different, there are certain types of people you'll come across at every single one of them.

At Bright Side, we asked our illustrators to draw the funniest types of people we've all probably seen at the gym. So let's laugh together as we strengthen our core muscles without even getting up from our chairs!

1. The shy newbie who doesn't know how to use the machines but is too nervous to ask a fitness instructor for help.

2. A peppy pensioner who is still working out when you're too tired to keep going.

3. A chatty stranger who needs a person to talk to more than a toned butt.

4. A tireless fitness bunny who has to find a good photo opportunity, leaving no time for working out.

5. A local fashion queen who always looks flawless and never sweats - otherwise, she'd ruin her makeup.

6. The inseparable couple. They're always together: in joy, in sorrow and at the gym.

7. The horizontal bodybuilders. We don't know exactly why they're at the gym at all, but they usually work out near a strong Wi-Fi signal.

8. A flirtatious fit girl. Everyone knows her. And some people go to the gym just to see her working out.

9. A true sports enthusiast who has been there since the gym's opening and hasn't missed a single workout since. She isn't a huge fan of newbies, that's for sure.

10. A creative fitness fan who believes that basic, simple exercises are not for her, but rather for people without any imagination.

11. Miss "maybe another time". She buys an annual membership but goes to the gym only three times at best.

Did these pictures remind you of yourself or your friends? Do you know any other types of gym members we forgot to mention? Share them with us in the comments!

Иллюстратор Leonid Khan for Bright Side
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