11 Inventions We Couldn’t Even Dream of That Actually Exist

Charles H. Duell was the Commissioner of the US patent office and in 1899, he said that “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Boy, was he wrong! Even now, in the 21st century when it’s hard to surprise us with anything, there are inventions that still make us say, “Really? How is this even possible?”

We at Bright Side have collected 11 modern inventions that are supposed to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

1. Shirts that don’t get dirty

The Dutch company Labfresh started selling cotton shirts for men that can’t be stained by coffee, red wine, soy sauce, or olive oil. They consist of 98% INDUO cotton created by using a new unique technology and 2% elastane. These materials aren’t affected by all kinds of problem stains, they let the skin breathe, they don’t absorb bad smells, and don’t need ironing. The price of such a “smart” shirt is around €119 but it truly is every man’s dream shirt.

2. Edible plastic

In order to solve the problem of contamination of the environment, the Indian company EnviGreen created biodegradable plastic. It consists of 100% organic compounds (natural starch, seaweed, and oils), but it still looks like real plastic. You don’t risk anything if you decide to eat such a plastic bag. It is easily digested by your body without doing any harm.

It takes from 5 years to 200 years for a standard plastic bag to decompose. It takes an organic one just 180 days and just 15 seconds in boiling water. This is great news for the countries that are faced with the plastic garbage problem.

3. Clothes that grow together with the child

London-based designer Ryan Yasin developed special clothes that grow together with children. The clothes are made of strong pleated fabric that can stretch.

Clothes are expensive in general, but especially children’s clothes because of how quickly they need to be changed due to the fast pace of children’s growth. Parents spend a lot of money on clothes for their children and it’s also a shame to get rid of favorite articles of clothing that children outgrow. Yasin’s invention is great for both parents and children.

4. Tights you can’t tear

American textile company Sheerly Genius made a pair of the most durable tights in the world. They used the same materials as in bulletproof vests. These new tights are impossible to ruin. The test of Sheerly Genius tights showed that they are 50 times stronger than regular tights. The key goal that the creators are trying to achieve is the decrease of garbage in junkyards. And it’s also great for women because every woman knows just how upsetting it is to discover a tear in her favorite tights.

5. Vibrating jeans

Spinali Design company created the first “smart” vibrating jeans. They have 2 inbuilt sensors that are connected to a phone via Bluetooth. They can inform the owner about what’s happening on their smartphone. If you are going somewhere, the location feature will help you find the way to the place. For example, the jeans will vibrate on the side where you need to turn.

6. Piqapoo

Israeli inventors started producing piqapoo — an innovative device to clean up after dogs. This is really simple: before every walk, you should attach a special bag under the tail of your dog, and once the dog does the job, you just take the bag off and put in into the trash.

  • According to the creators, piqapoo is good for dogs of all breeds and sizes and they don’t create any discomfort for them. This device will make the lives of dog owners much more simple and it’ll also be good for those who don’t enjoy seeing or stepping into what dogs leave behind.

7. Energy spray

An American biochemist created the first energy spray with caffeine — Sprayable Energy. It has no calories, no synthetic ingredients, and all you need to do is spray it over your body. The caffeine is absorbed by the skin and gets into the blood within a few hours. One dose makes the effect comparable with an entire cup of coffee.

The energy spray works like a nicotine patch. Caffeine is a little similar to nicotine and it can get into the body through the skin cells. This is a great substitution for energy drinks.

8. A robot you can talk to

Personal robot Jibo looks like a Pixar animation character — it has a big head and a round face that shows emotions with special animated icons. It can giggle, dance, create news bulletins, take pictures, and turn to you if you call it. This robot costs $899 and, as the creators promise, it will evolve with every new model and will eventually make our communication with robots very different.

9. A cup that heats up coffee to the perfect temperature

The CEO of Ember Technologies Clay Alexander created a “smart” cup. Using a special application, it can support the necessary temperature for coffee or tea — from 120°F to 145°F. Besides, the cup can support the chosen temperature mode for as long as necessary if you put it on the charging panel. Last year, the company created a wine glass with temperature control. It’s possible that the new cup will be a hit. It’s already being sold in almost 5,000 Starbucks cafes.

10. Ice cream that won’t make you gain weight

This is too good to be true — ice cream with different flavors that has only 360 calories. This is what the Halo Top company promises. They created a low-calorie ice cream with Stevia and cane sugar. The goal of the company is to let you enjoy your favorite treat even if you’re on a strict diet. The success of Halo Top was truly incredible. Last year, the sales increased from 2% to 500% and recently, Halo Top has become the best-sold product in the US.

11. Teeth that can be regrown

Jeremy Mao of Columbia University has made it possible to grow teeth at any age. Instead of getting teeth implants, you can get a special carcass on the spot where you want your new tooth to grow and wait for 9 weeks. Scientists inject special growth stimulators that allow teeth to develop in a very short term. This method hasn’t become extremely popular yet but if all tests are positive, you may expect such treatments to appear in every dental clinic.

What do you think of these inventions? Is there one in particular that really caught your attention? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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