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11 Kind Stories With Plot Twists That Would Even Surprise Hollywood

If you feel that you are losing your faith in people, you definitely need to read our article. We have collected the brightest examples of kindness that we could find on the internet.

Bright Side prepared a compilation of stories about amazing life situations that the users of the ’Overhear’ and ’Chamber #6’ communities got into.

  • Once 5 years ago, my mom and I were clothes shopping. I saw a nice dress and told my mom that I wanted it. When my mom looked at it, she suddenly sat down in the nearest chair, and was silent. After some time, when she calmed down, she said that her mom had given her the same dress when she was a child. My granny died when mom was 14. Eventually, she bought me this dress and when I was wearing it, my mother always had tears of joy in her eyes.
  • My parents met each other when my father accidentally hit my mom’s forehead with a snowball. When she started to cry, he came up to her and said, “Please, forgive me. Do you want me to marry you? Just don’t tell your mom that it was me who hit you!” My mom answered, “I do!” After several years, they got married and had 2 baby girls.
  • I always carry a shocker-flashlight with me. It was a present from my ex-boyfriend. Since I often got back home late and he couldn’t meet me, he was always very worried about me and bought it for me. So when I was on my way back home today, someone came up to me, and put their hands over my eyes. I didn’t even think that it might be a joke and instantly took out the shocker from my bag and hit the ’attacker.’ When I turned around, I saw my ex-boyfriend lying on the ground, writhing in pain, and laughing. I asked him, “Are you normal? Why are you laughing?” and he said, “I am simply happy that you can protect yourself.”
  • My sister married a 38-year-old bearded man who looks pretty brutal. But today she told me that at 7 a.m., having found out that they ran out of kitty litter, he went outside and collected wet sand. Then he warmed this sand in a pan to dry it and cooled it down by blowing on it, so that the cat wouldn’t burn its paws.
  • I am a blood donor. It was a hot summer day and the bruise from the needle could be easily seen on the inner side of my elbow. People around me were scorning me with contemptuous looks seeing the bruise and my paleness. There was only one girl age 8 or 9, who gave me her seat. When her mother started to give me dirty looks, she spoke up, “This auntie saves other people’s lives with her blood. We should love and respect her.” I almost started to cry right on the spot.
  • I have braces and I used to feel extremely shy about having them. Once I met a handsome guy on the internet but I kept refusing to meet him due to my complex. Eventually, he persuaded me to go on a date. When I saw him, I smiled and he smiled back...he had braces too! Now we are a happy couple of ’nutcrackers’ in love!
  • Today I saw “the fight between good and evil.” When I left the bathroom stall in a fast food cafe, another girl went inside. While I was washing my hands and correcting my makeup, this girl left the stall and went straight to the entrance door when she suddenly turned around and asked if I had my phone with me. I was trying to remember where it was and said that I’d probably left it with my boyfriend. Then she opened the entrance door again and was about to leave but at the last moment, she asked what picture I had on my lock screen. I answered her question and after thinking for a couple of seconds, she gave me back my phone. The good has won!
  • I work in a registry office. So I asked a groom if he agreed to marry his bride. He answered, “Does it work if I am forced?” She jostled him and he said, “yes.” But then instantly he said, “Well no, I’ve changed my mind,” and ran away. The girl burst into tears, and I was confused. And then this guy comes back to the hall together with a crowd of relatives, kneels, asks for forgiveness, and proposes to her. At the same time, he gives her a box where there were another ring and the key to their own apartment. Turned out, these guys were poor and they didn’t even have money to arrange a wedding. But the groom won a lot of money in a lottery, secretly bought an apartment, and arranged a big wedding with relatives and friends.
  • I am a third-year student. Once found a wallet and called the phone number I found in it to give it back to the owner. I agreed to meet with the woman who picked up the phone. So I was standing at the spot at the agreed upon time and a Land Rover drove up to me. Instead of a woman, a big bearded man came out of the car and told me to get inside. I got extremely scared but obeyed his request. We got into the car, he smiled, thanked me, and gave me half of the cash that was there in the wallet (about $200).
  • I started to save money to buy a car at the age of 17 by keeping a part of my paychecks that I made at part-time jobs. At 23, finally, I bought a second-hand car for $7000 with the money I managed to save. I was taking such good care of it and even hid it when it was hailing. But once on a warm summer evening, I went outside and saw that it had been scratched with a screwdriver. I placed an announcement asking for a confession at the entrance door of my block of apartments but, of course, nobody admitted their guilt.
    2 years later, when I was going to my car I saw a 16- or 17-year-old girl who confessed that it was her who had done it. She said she was very scared at that moment, but her conscience was still tormenting her. She has been helping my mother at our country-house all summer long — she offered to do this herself to offset the cost of the damage.
  • Today when I was leaving a store selling home appliances with a purchase, the security guy asked me to show him the receipt. This is a normal thing, but the receipt was in a box that I had put in a plastic bag. At this moment, my son, who the security guy didn’t notice, came up to me and I said, “Can you hold the plastic bag for me please, my sweetheart!” The security guy stretched out his hands to help. Big and respectable men need attention and enjoy hearing kind words too!

Dear readers! We are curious about what’s happening in your life. If you have ever volunteered in a nursing home, lived in Bangladesh, worked in a Michelin-star restaurant in Paris, or just want to tell the world why it is so important to pick people up at the airport, write an email to with the title “My Story” and let the whole world know about your experiences!

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