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11 LEGO Machines That Will Fascinate Even Adults

If you think Lego is just a toy for kids, you couldn’t be further from the truth. While parents help their little ones build ships and houses, engineers worldwide are busy creating astonishing technological masterpieces with Lego blocks. And we at Bright Side sincerely admire them.

A knitting machine

The dream of every craftsperson out there: it works, you rest.

A paper plane-making machine

Don’t try to convince us you can make a paper plane yourself faster and easier — just look at this incredible contraption.

A lego printer

This is a printer made from Lego. First, a laser scans your drawing, and then the mechanism makes a similar picture out of Lego blocks.

A weaving mechanism

Lego isn’t just a fascinating construction set, but also a fairly useful one.

A model of Earth’s movement around the Sun

If I’d learned about it like this at school, I would’ve understood everything right away.

A Rubik’s Cube-solving machine

This device made of Lego and connected to a smartphone can solve a 9×9x9 Rubik’s cube in 33 minutes.

A perpetual motion machine

This machine doesn’t actually do anything useful. We can surely all agree, though, that it’s mesmerizing.

A coffee machine

"Build yourselves a Lego machine like this, and you’ll never get up from your desk," says the inventor.

A postcard-drawing machine

Not very artistic, but definitely very original.

A clock

A really creative clock for true Lego fans.


Now that’s what I call a hot ride!

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