11 Meaningful Examples of Why Every Girl Needs a True BFF

A good friend supports you, tells you the uncomfortable truth, and walks by your side as you conquer the world. True happiness comes from knowing there's always someone in this world with whom you can share absolutely any thought or emotion.

We at Bright Side are certain that the following amusing situations will be familiar to every girl who has a best friend.

You ask each other to check if you have bad breath.

You take food from each other's plates.

You give each other Valentine's Day cards.

It takes an hour for you to leave somewhere because you just can't stop talking.

You're calm, rational individuals when you're not together.

You look after each other more than anyone else.

You give each other strange nicknames.

You advise each other on what to wear.

You even go to the bathroom together.

Of course, you argue. But never for more than 5 minutes.

Most importantly, you always understand each other without having to say a word. That's why you're best friends.

Illustrator: Leonid Khan for Bright Side
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