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11 People Who Managed to Quit Their Job Gracefully

Most people have had to change their job at least once. Unfortunately, formalities connected with this decision aren't always easy to overcome, especially if the management team doesn't play fair.

Bright Side found the best stories from Overheard and Picabu about people who managed to quit gracefully and shut their bosses down.

  • My employer decided not to pay one of his employees. So the employee never complained, but worked lots of overtime (his job was to overhaul the engines of two Porsche Cayennes and one Land Сruiser Prado). So he removed the cars engines, mixed their components together, and we never saw him again after that. And now we have 3 "dead" cars. No one wants to repair them on principle and it would take too long anyway. Congrats to the manager, way to minimize expenses! @honda129
  • I used to work as a waitress in a good restaurant. I had never met the owner until one day she told me to go sweep the porch when it was raining. I decided not to argue about it, but neatly dumped out all the garbage on a Persian rug in her office. Now I'm happy and unemployed.
  • Yesterday our ill-tempered and sometimes hysterical manager lectured our most patient co-worker for a long time. He kept silent, waited till he was done talking, took a sip of coffee, and poured the rest of it on the manager's head. Then he took his coat and said "I'll get the rest of my paycheck tomorrow. I'm sick and tired of it." The whole office applauded him and our boss has been extremely polite since this incident.
  • I was on the bus and a very tired, irritated man was sitting in front of me. Suddenly his phone started to ring, he took the call, and gloomily asked something like: "When should I do it?... It's urgent?...Tomorrow?...Too late?...Do it over again?" And then his face became extremely peaceful, he smiled and said: "You know, I'm not going to work on your project. Not today, not tomorrow, never. I'm so sick of you. I quit!" I spent the next 20 minutes with this man before I arrived to my stop and he was happily smiling the whole time. @Psycho007
  • I decided to apply for a job that no normal person would want and consoled myself with the thought that it's only temporary. After the first month of work the employer paid me my whole salary. However, after the second month passed, some delays started to take place. "We don't have enough money," the manager said. And then it went from bad to worse: the employer constantly promised to pay tomorrow (but tomorrow never came) or just he gave me small portions of my salary anytime he felt like it. So it was time to quit. And I found a cool job with flexible work hours and a decent salary. I actually worked in 2 places for 2 weeks and realized that I had to quit the first job no matter what. So, I went to the HR office where I was told to fill out an application and wait for two weeks!!! But that was NOT going to work for me! So I wrote that the reason why I was leaving this job was that I had "an injury that led to memory loss, so I didn't know what money looked like anymore." I was fired in 15 minutes without any waiting period. @romaniv
  • A bookkeeper from my office quit in a very graceful manner. You have to sign an exit checklist and go through other formalities before you can leave this workplace. But he just came to his boss, handed over a termination letter, said "Goodbye," and gave him a lollipop. So he didn't offend anybody, but his message was perfectly clear.
  • I was working at a restaurant and didn't get paid for 6 months. Our former manager was fired, found a job on TV, and wrote a story about salary fraud. It was released on TV and the next day the owner called all the employees and asked them to come and get their overdue salary. To tell the truth, the owner was so shocked when the production team came to his restaurant that he immediately paid down the debt. And all of this became possible only because of the guy who wasn't afraid to go against the grain. I thank him every day.
  • I've been considering quitting my job for a week. Today, my manager told me that I’d have to stay after work for 4 hours. When I asked if I’d get any compensation for overtime, he said, “No, you just stay because I tell you to.” I refused and he fired me. I told him "OK" and I left. The manager was so shocked and didn't expect my reaction. But why should I stay if I've already found a new job? So happy now! @chaikowskij
  • I worked at the bank and informed our HR manager that I was quitting. Before leaving, I decided to get rid of all my outdated and useless papers (like account statements and customer application forms). While I was shredding them and throwing them away, the manager asked me what I was doing. I smiled and replied that I was destroying the evidence. When I came back from my lunch break, I saw that the whole office was taking pieces of paper from a garbage bin and was trying to glue them back together. Now I don't feel sorry for my decision at all.
  • Our new assistant director is an ill-tempered woman who is the reason why many people have left the company (she's been working with us for a year). And her reasoning behind getting so many people to leave is that "they've almost reached the age of retirement", even though she's in the same boat! When one of the employees got a termination letter he ordered a cake with the caption "To a horrid old woman" and presented her with it. The rest of the employees laughed so hard and this mean, old lady blushed to the roots of her hair.
  • I was an intern at a department store and my manager was a woman with an attitude. And how she quit is a great story: One day our regional manager came to see how we were working. My manager was working alone that day and didn't notice the regional manager's arrival right away. So, despite how busy my manager was with all the customers that were at the shop, she came to her and said: "Hey, don't you see me? Why didn't you greet me? Why aren't you telling people about our special offers? And why is there such a long line? Oh, is it too much for you? You're fired!" So my store manager without any hesitation told her: "Ok, but you'll have to work the register starting now." Then she handed her the keys from the shop, changed her clothes, and left. And the business manager had to spend the next 2 hours with the customers until other help arrived. @PeredryaGa

Bonus: this might happen if you make a designer angry

Have you ever been in a similar situation? How did you manage to solve the problems with your boss? Share with us in the comments!

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