11 Photos That Will Make Even the Most Skeptical People Believe in Climate Change

Despite the arguments of scientists about climate change on Earth, there are still some people who refuse to believe it. According to specialists, this is very bad: humanity won't solve the problem until everyone is completely sure that it is real.

Because of this, NASA has launched a special website where photos representing climate changes are published. We at Bright Side were shocked to see this.

Ice melting in Greenland

Color change of the Iranian Lake Urmia

The consequence of the wildfire in Canada

The disappearance of Lake Poopó in Bolivia

The disappearance of glaciers in Greenland

The worst drought in the biggest water reservoir in the US

Melting glaciers in Peru

Sudden drop in the water level in Lake Powell

The increase in size of lakes in Haiti and the Dominican Republic

The disappearance of glaciers in Alaska

The decrease in size of glaciers in Antarctica

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Based on materials from climate.nasa.gov
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