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11 Pictures That Would Be Ordinary Without Their Witty Captions

All these photos could go unnoticed if it were not for their witty captions. Thanks to them, these photos get likes and shares from thousands of internet users. Just look at the ramen plant, the rebel base in a small Russian town, and the love story of toothbrushes.

At Bright Side, we really had fun while making this article. We hope you’ll love it too.

1. When you can’t solve your problem and your cat decides to help you.

2. A zebra, a cheetah, and a tiger walk into a bar...

3. How ramen is made. Please meet Carludovica palmata.

4. When you’ve spent a month at the beach and then your friend arrives...

5. “Wireless doorbells sitting on their chargers”

6. It could be a rebel base located in some ice desert of an unknown planet. But it’s the Opera and Ballet Theater in Cheboksary, Russia.


Me: *looking into the fridge*

The carrot that has been there since 2009:

8. How to start a war with Japan and Italy at the same time:

9. “Our toothbrushes created a love story scene.”

10. Have you heard of this band?

11. Your face when you are an eagle, but your mom told you to put on a cap:

What captions would you have made up for these pictures? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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