11 Strange Inventions We Wouldn’t Imagine Existed

11 Strange Inventions We Wouldn’t Imagine Existed

People are inventing new cool things every day. However, some of them look really strange and it’s hard to understand what they’re even for. Most of the things we have collected in this article look very controversial. But perhaps after reading about them, you will want to buy them for yourself!

Bright Side invites you to take a look at 11 really strange inventions.

1. A bamboo wife

This product is called a “bamboo wife” and it’s popular in South East Asia, especially in hot weather. It is hollow, made of bamboo and is a little shorter than a person. It is made to let people fall asleep in comfort: when hugging this product instead of a blanket or a pillow, you let air flow to your body so you won’t feel hot at night.

2. A face bra

This strange-looking product is sold in a Japanese store called Japan The Trend and is known as a “face bra”. In fact, it’s not really a bra but instead, it’s a contraption made of rubber that according to the manufacturer, is a simple and effective device against aging. It lifts the cheeks and makes the face more expressive.

3. A badger theremin

In 2012, music fan and taxidermist, David Cranmer invented something crazy. He put a theremin inside a badger dummy. This instrument is one of a kind, so you can’t really buy it anywhere and we still don’t understand what exactly the point of putting it in a badger was. But in 2012, there was a music performance where this instrument was used.

4. A reshaping mask

This is a mask popular in Japan that is used to reshape the face. The face is supposed to become smaller. The mask is made of a material that doesn’t let in airflow, so the face sweats and becomes smaller in size. We doubt that the mask is really effective but it’s a thing that a lot of people in Japan buy.

5. A 1-wheeled transporter

This is not a chair but rather a 1-wheeled transporter Honda U3-X that is super small. It can move in any direction thanks to its Omni-Traction drive system. The wheel is made of many autonomous wheels that allow you to move left and right without turning. It’s still not sold in regular stores but we hope it will be popular.

6. A nose lifter

This looks like a torture device but in fact, this is just another Japanese device called The Nose Lifter. It changes the shape of the nose, removing bumps without surgery. It makes a vibration that stimulates the bone in the nose and changes it. It takes time because the device works gradually: you need to wear it for 3 minutes every day.

7. The “Rejuvenique” mask

This mask called “Rejuvenique”, despite its scary appearance, is made to take care of facial skin. It has electrodes that have the same effect as surgery, according to the manufacturer.

8. Emotion tracking mask

This is a next-generation device: it is an amazing (and creepy) silicone mask that can track emotions and change accordingly. It has a tracker that measures how active the facial muscles are. So when a person is frowning, smiling and so on, the mask moves a special colorful liquid through its vessels. Unfortunately, there is no actual way to use it, but the idea is really interesting.

9. A wave machine

Does this look like an alien device? It’s very simple: this is a wave machine made in 1939. Back then, this kind of wavy hairstyle was really popular and every woman wanted it, so it’s no wonder that such a device was invented.

10. The “Pikasso Guitar”

A jazz musician asked a Canadian man to create a guitar with as many strings as possible. The task seemed strange but it was completed. The guitar is called the “Pikasso Guitar” for a reason because it reminds us of Picasso’s famous paintings. The instrument can make many different sounds: it can sound like a bass guitar, an acoustic guitar, and a harp all in one. In this video, you can see the jazz musician who made the unusual request to play this amazing instrument.

11. A seat cushion

If you have to sit a lot at work, this is an invention you definitely need. According to the manufacturer, this cushion will relieve you of back pain, keep the blood circulation healthy, and maintain a comfortable temperature to prevent sweating. In the video below, you can see that it’s soft enough to keep an egg from breaking and hard enough to hold your weight.

Which of these inventions seemed the craziest to you? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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