10 Successful Products That Were Originally Intended for Something Else

We celebrate inventions every day by using electricity, mechanical devices, or just simple everyday stuff around the house — but believe it or not, plenty of things were made for some other purpose before they won our hearts over.

If those items tickle your curiosity, Bright Side has an interesting list for you — 10 things that weren’t invented for what we are using them for now.

10. Pacemakers

Over the years, pacemakers have had a huge impact on the medical treatment of people with heart diseases, but initially, they were nothing more than heart sound recorders that inventors were working on. Other uses for them were discovered later.

9. Kotex

Initially, Kotex made wartime bandages. Nurses were supposed to use them during the war to stop the injured bleeding and to absorb moisture from the wounds. It is safe to say that it was nurses who, in time, also have discovered other uses for these products.

8. Chewing gum

Our favorite thing from childhood was actually stumbled upon whilst scientists were working on a formula for a new kind of rubber. Some very tasty rubber, that is.

7. Kleenex

Were you one of those kids who saw their mother use tons of cold cream? Back in the day, it was one of the staples of women’s beauty regimes, so it’s no surprise that Kleenex wanted to cater to this by inventing their “cold cream towels”. But as the fashion for it has passed, Kleenex’s ads — and purposes — have changed.

6. Bubble Wrap

Engineers Al Fielding and inventor Marc Chavannes were initially trying to make wallpaper, but eventually ended up creating everyone’s favorite nerve-calmer and safety wrapping.

5. Listerine

Believe it or not — Listerine was invented about 135 years ago and has stuck around ever since then — and not just as a mouthwash. Initially, it’s antiseptic properties were used in medical surgeries as a cleaning substance for medical instruments and as an antibacterial antiseptic.

4. Coca-Cola

Could you ever think of Coca-Cola as medicine? Well, that is probably because you weren’t there when it was invented. Originally, it was made to reduce morphine addiction, cure headaches and relieve anxiety.

3. Play-Doh

First invented in the 1930s by Cleo McVickers, who was at the time a cleaning products manufacturer, Play-Doh was supposed to serve as a wallpaper cleaner.

2. Corkscrew

This thing can be found in almost every kitchen, and is so familiar that you would imagine its purpose was always quite straightforward. But in reality, it was once a hefty little tool to remove bullets from soldiers’ wounds.

1. WD-40 Spray

A lot of inventions come to us from rocket science, just like this little thing every car owner is familiar with. WD-40 was really invented to protect missiles and rockets in the atmosphere...before it became an easy way to unlock a frozen key hole.

Which one of these impressed you? Maybe, you know of an invention that didn’t make it onto our list — be sure to share it with us in the comments!

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