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11 Times Our Eyes Were Glued to the Background, and the Views Were Worth It

As a rule, the most exciting things are usually in the foreground of a photo; but sometimes the background proves to also be worth a thousand words, contain embarrassing moments, or show something unexplainable. People from this article managed to take photos of these moments when the background completely stole the show.

Bright Side gathered 11 photos for you that would totally win a “most unexpected background” award. Take a moment to pick your favorite. By the way, at the end of the article, there’s some truly ground-breaking news.

1. “I was taking a photo of my girlfriend when I turned around and saw all this.”

2. “3 years ago, I married the love of my life and my sister fainted.”

3. You know your cosplay costume is really good if all eyes are on you.

4. A stranger with a really long arm

5. The boating tour brochure promised a great view. Well, they didn’t lie.

6. A photo of 2 ancient statues with the blood moon in the background.

7. Beware, human!

8. “Heeelp!” — we can almost hear them screaming from the bathtub.

9. Director Wes Anderson “spoiled” this marvelous photo.

10. E is for envy.

11. What news!

Which photo do you think should win the “most unexpected background” award? We unanimously voted for #10. Share your opinion with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit reddit / unknown author
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