11 Weird and Unique Capabilities of the Female Body

Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus... There’s at least some truth in this because female bodies are seriously different from male ones.

Bright Side gathered almost a dozen proofs that every woman is capable of things men couldn’t even dream of achieving.

11. Women are more flexible.

Why: Their muscles and ligaments have more elastin than collagen, which makes women naturally more flexible.

On the other hand, it makes wrinkles appear sooner and leads to joint pains under even a small load.

10. Women live longer.

Why: The female immune system better copes with both internal and external threats, and its cells age more slowly, thus working more efficiently. That’s why women live to old age more often and get sick less often than men.

9. There are always more lonely women than lonely men.

Why: It’s largely connected with the higher mortality rate of the male population — there are simply more women than men.

On the other hand, there are countries where people try to artificially enhance birth processes so that boys will be born more often. For example, in the UAE, there are 213 men per 100 women.

8. The smell of male sweat makes women feel happier.

Why: Pheromones in male sweat positively influence female body processes. The menstrual cycle stabilizes, moods lighten up, and anxiety dissipates.

7. A woman is able to give birth to over 40 children.

Why: Due to genetic background, some women are capable of giving birth to and raising several dozens of children. The record is held by a Russian woman who allegedly bore 69 kids in the 18th century: 16 sets of twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets. Today a family typically has 1-2 kids.

6. Female fingerprints are 99% different from male ones.

Why: Female skin secretes twice as many amino acids as male skin and distributes it over the fingers differently. That’s why scientists can just look at a fingerprint to find out the sex of a person.

5. Breastfeeding gives superpowers.

Why: Hormones start producing at an unusual rate, which significantly affects the brain and body. Thus, women feel less anxious, become bolder, find more pleasure in ordinary things, become extremely empathic and capable of almost reading others’ minds, and better discern sounds and colors.

4. Hormonal therapies alter women’s smell, making them less attractive to men.

Why: Hormonal contraceptives change the hormone balance in the body. The smell of a woman then gains information that she’s not ready to have children, and a male brain decides that this woman is a little less attractive than others.

3. Women have better memories.

Why: Unlike the male brain, the female brain uses different areas of both hemispheres to effectively store information. Changes in the levels of estrogen also affect this process. Women are best at verbal and associative memory.

2. Pregnant women grow a new organ.

Why: To nourish a baby, the female body grows itself a whole new organ: the placenta. It cares for the fetus and affects production of hormones in the mother, leaving the body right after the baby is born.

1. The female brain always reconstructs itself due to hormones and can even alter personality.

Why: A part of the brain that’s responsible for emotions, memory, and attention span reacts to constant changes in the level of estrogen. As a result, the behavior and even personality of women may differ significantly during the menstrual cycle.

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