12 Answers to Some of the Most Daring Questions Guys Are Afraid to Ask

Despite the fact that many women think that their behavior is pretty open and accessible, a lot of men struggle to understand the meaning of certain things women do. Whether it’s wearing makeup or going to the bathroom with their friends, certain female actions seem confusing to men. They all have the same “Huh?” and *head scratch* reactions.

Bright Side decided to gather the answers to the tempting questions that most men never dare to ask but are eager to know the answers to. Let’s decode “female behavior” together.

Why do women spend so much time putting on makeup and end up looking like they didn’t?

All women have a lot of cosmetic products that help them look attractive and young. Guys may not know that women follow 3 main stages of skincare: cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Each step takes time and effort because women can’t do their beauty routine in a rush. Only after the skincare routine is finished can women begin to apply makeup.

That’s why, after spending almost 30 minutes in the bathroom, a woman can look natural with a minimum amount of makeup on her face. Trust us, every woman wishes to snap her fingers and be done with her makeup in a second. However, her natural look is a combination of skincare products, an even skin tone, concealed flaws and red spots, and defined eyes and lips. You can’t see it, but it’s there.

Or end up looking like a totally different person?

Creams, serums, lotions, glitters, highlighters, mascara, primers, powder, and many other bottles fill every inch of free space in a woman’s bathroom. And yes, women love to use them all. The makeup industry creates a new product almost every month claiming that it will dramatically change the way we look. So, women like experiments and love changes in their appearance just as much as they love compliments. Don’t blame a woman for wearing too much makeup because she’s trying out a new look.

Why do women get so much satisfaction out of cuddling?

All women love to cuddle and there’s no exception to this rule. There’s nothing like staying in bed in front of the TV with your boyfriend or husband. However, the explanation is pretty simple: being held gives women a sense of security. Cuddling expresses comfort, support, and a desire to share personal space. Plus, cuddling can boost the production of oxytocin, a hormone associated with bonding and other positive feelings. So, wherever you are — cuddle more!

Why do women go to the bathroom in groups?

This question seems to bother many men. Actually, it’s something that mature women don’t do often. Young girls go to the bathroom together to feel safe, to discuss their dates or other girls, to re-apply their makeup, or they just want some company while waiting in line. Some women say that they don’t realize they need to go to the bathroom at all until someone mentions it. Obviously, they don’t need anyone’s assistance in there, but they might need to borrow their friend’s lipstick or hair brush.

Why do women turn into irritable Jekyll and Hydes during their period?

Like women don’t realize that, right? It depends on each woman, but in the majority of cases, menstrual cramps can turn a woman’s life into a 7-day-long nightmare. It feels like someone is playing with the lower intestines for several days. Here are the main symptoms: constant craving for junk food, sugar, and sex (oh, the irony), mood swings, excruciatingly painful cramps, and being unable to find a comfortable position to ease the pain. Who would be able to stay calm?

What do women store in their handbags?

Everything! We mean it, every little thing that might come in handy during the day. And no, it doesn’t take her forever to find her keys because there truly is some logic to her handbag chaos. Ask any woman and she’ll tell you there is a wallet, a pair of sunglasses, tissues, a pen, a notebook, several lipsticks or lip balms, important documents, a compact powder, cuticle oil and hand cream, and many other things that women use during the day. Another frequent question regarding handbags is, “Why do women need so many of them?” Easy! To match every outfit they have. The same answer applies to many pairs of shoes.

Why do women spend so much time in the shower?

Well, guys, really? Taking care of your hair and your body is as important as putting on makeup. And yes, women really apply shower gel just like the models in the Dove commercial. It’s not about getting clean but more about relaxing. Besides, women with long hair use several products to make them look shiny such as shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, and oil. It all requires time. Plus, women have to use all those sprays, cans, and bottles men always complain about.

What does “I’m fine!” really mean?

If a man has doubts about a woman’s answer in the first place, then he knows that something is wrong. A little hint for men: notice the tone. Some women say that they activate a protective mechanism when they use “I’m fine” as an answer. Others claim that it’s a good way to let a man know that something is wrong and urge him to fix the issue. Also, there’s a theory that explains such female behavior as an act that helps women suppress aggression toward their man.

Why does a left up toilet seat bother women that much?

It’s weird that question appeared in the first place, but it’s a subject of numerous fights between 2 people living together. Ballsy men dare to ask women to put the seat up when they’re done instead. Women don’t feel like sitting down on a cold wet toilet surface in the middle of the night. What’s even worse is when men don’t bother to lift the seat at all and get it dirty. Let’s respect each other’s anatomy regarding this matter.

Do guys really know only some of the excitable spots on a female body?

The answer to this question depends on your relationship and the closeness between you and your partner. But yes, guys know only a few major ones. However, most women know their main excitable spots and are likely to share them with a man they trust. On the other hand, the whole process can be more pleasant if you look for them together. Don’t be afraid to ask this question because it may end up bringing your woman a lot of positive emotions.

What does breastfeeding feel like?

No, breasts won’t get bigger if a baby blows on them and the whole process doesn’t turn you on. In the beginning, it might feel painful, and the nipples become very raw because the baby’s gums are strong. Breastfeeding literally feels like how it sounds: a feeling of a light gush and a subsequent release.

Why are women into guys’ butts?

Checking out a guy’s buttocks is as natural as looking at his face or his hands. However, it’s not a tush alone that interests women, but rather how it enhances the male body movement. In fact, when shoulders in relation to his butt create the right proportion, a man’s body is perceived to be very masculine and attractive.

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