12 Fashion Trends That Go Against Common Sense

Every day we see new fashion trends in our social network feeds. Though they all claim their right to exist, some of them are not so beautiful. Others are even unsafe.

Here at Bright Side these trends just evoke a smile. However, decide yourself whether or not they are beautiful.

Rainbow hair roots

This type of dye is for those who take caution but still want something new.

"Oil slick" lips

To create this kind of look you need a very dark lipstick, saturated shimmering eye shadows, and a clear lip gloss.

Glitter on hair roots

It may look rather cute, but if your hair is thick and heavy, it will be impossible to wash out all the glitter completely.

Colored eyebrows

If you have decided to yield to this fashion trend, do not overdo it with a bright lipstick. Otherwise, you may look like a creepy clown from a horror movie.

Glittery tears

Right after glittery hair roots, we witnessed a new trend that makes people "cry with glitter." Makeup is applied under the lower lid in the shape of smudged lines or drops.

Lip plumping

Many girls want to have plump and sensual lips. The result of lip plumping is temporary, but the side effect is bruising and swelling around the lips that remain for a long time.

"Tired" makeup

The essence of this trend is the following: if you look bad in the morning, do everything to look even worse. For example, apply some blush on your lower lids to create the effect of red eyes.

Unicorn eyeliner

Unicorns have invaded social networks. We would have been ok with that if this look was meant for a photo shoot. However, girls say it can be used in everyday life.

Gigantic eyebrows

With every new season, natural eyebrows become more and more popular. Now they are not only bushy but also thick up to the end point.

Natural flowers nail design

This nail art is for real flower lovers! To create such designs, leaves of succulents (plants that have a water supply in their tissues) are placed on the nails.

Ear makeup

Regular eye shadow is used to create ear makeup. At the same time, facial makeup is left neutral. This may suggest the future possible popularity of ear hair extensions. Let's wait and see.

Freckle tattoos

This is for those who believe this is how natural beauty looks. The procedure is similar to eyebrow permanent makeup. Pippi Longstocking would have been crazy about this new trend.

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