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12 Hilarious Life Situations Everyone Will Recognize

A sense of humor is always a good thing. It helps us smile even when the whole world is seemingly against us.

Here are just a few situations that reminded us here at Bright Side that life should never be taken too seriously.

1. When you’re in a good mood, you always go on Facebook and hand out ’likes’ by the dozen.

2. When the boss makes a joke, and obviously you think it’s funny...really funny...

3. When your child has been strangely silent for five minutes, and you start to realize something might have happened.

4. When the rumor spreads that pizza’s being served in the cafeteria.

5. When your girlfriend has really long hair.

6. You look great and want to take a selfie, and you end up with this:

7. When you have a perfect understanding of each other.

8. When you go shopping on payday.

9. When someone wearing too much perfume/deodorant walks in the room.

10. When your friends wait for you to tell them how he responded to your text message.

11. When the clock says 5:58, and you don’t eat after 6 PM.

12. When you finally achieve that one thing which justifies using that special profile picture you saved over three years ago.

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