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12 Misleading Things That Look Hilariously Like Food

Do you know that feeling when you're hungry and everything looks like food? Well, you might be fed up to the neck, but these things collected by Bright Side are nothing short of complete food look-alikes.

Which one do you think is the best?

Sweet as a kiwi!

Bacon rock – for manly men!

Wait...there's something wrong with this burger.

This is a rock, not a loaf of bread.

What is it with rocks that look like sandwiches? I bet my dentist was in on it.

You'll have sweet dreams on an Oreo mattress.

That's a heck of a long banana!

Microwaved soap can disguise itself.

A golf ball made of meat?!

These pineapples are out of control.

To go with that bacon and bread – all hail potato rock!

Here's broccoli for a giant.

Feeling hungry now? Which one of those things fooled you? Please share with us – we'd love to know!

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