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12 People Who Have Firsthand Experience Lending Money


According to statistics, 7 out of 10 people have lent money to those who they are close to. And only every 4th one of them got their money back. However, when the people that didn’t get their money back were asked if they would ever lend money again, 50% of them gave an affirmative answer.

Bright Side has found internet users that lent money to someone close to them and then tried hard to get it back. Sometimes, it cost them their friendship. And at the end of the article, there is a bonus story: sometimes, while trying to get the money you lent back, you may accidentally discover a terrible secret.

  • I had a friend. Once, she asked me to lend her $15 for like a couple of days. So, I lent it to her. The couple of days passed and then more and more. Then, she comes to me and returns the money. She said she had had problems and apologized. It all seemed weird. And I was right! On that same day, in the evening, she came back to my place and said, “Look, could you please lend me $100 for a week?” Obviously, I didn’t lend her the money. But this was a really cool plan she had! © DirtGhost / pikabu

  • About 4 years ago, my soon-to-be wife was asked by her colleague to borrow $200 for about a week. I didn’t want to give it, but my wife asked me to because the girl had no money to pay her bills. I loaned it. A month passed, then another one, then 3 months. 6 months later, my wife decided to leave her job and we were going to move to a different town. I reminded her that she should get the money back. My wife tried to, but the girl decided to lie low. We found a simple solution: my wife just talked about the situation to their boss and he took the $200 from the girl’s bonus. And wow, I had never heard such bad words from a girl before. © Kravecki / pikabu

  • A guy I served in the military with borrowed $30 and promised to give it back to me. He left and got quiet. Then, I see on Facebook that he got married. So, he had enough money for a wedding but not enough to pay off the debt. I called him but his phone was off. I called his wife and she told me, “Come on, it’s just $30, don’t be so cheap.” Then she hung up the phone. © batyr555 / pikabu

  • An acquaintance borrowed $30 from my husband and then he wanted to borrow more. A couple of days later, my husband met him and gave him another $30. He took it and gave it back to my husband right away saying, “I owed $30 to you? I don’t owe it to you anymore.” Silence. He wasn’t actually trying to scam my husband and he got really sad when someone explained to him why this plan doesn’t work. © Calisto1979 / pikabu

  • My relative called me, asked me to lend him $4,000, and promised to return it to me in about 2-3 months. I said, “Okay.” I can lend it to you, but please, let’s make an official agreement. And this was the moment something broke in him. He started shaming me for being distrustful of my relatives, and for being cheap, stingy, and stuff like that. We had a fight. So, of course, I didn’t give him any money after that. © Aleks335 / pikabu

  • Around 10 years ago, I lent $500 to my friend until he got his paycheck. 8 years later, there was a rumor in town that someone got killed for not returning a debt. I was moved by this story and decided to forgive this debt. I told my friend about it and he wasn’t surprised. And yesterday, he called me on the phone (2 years after I decided to forget about the debt) and asked me for $250. I said, “You didn’t pay off the previous one.” And he was like, “But you forgot about it.” I said, “No, I’m not lending you the money.” And he said, “Well, try asking me for something,” and hung up. © Papamio / pikabu
  • A guy borrowed $200 from me and never returned it. I bumped into him in a supermarket and he was buying a 12-year-old bottle of whiskey. I took the bottle, put it in my backpack, and said, “Thank you! I’ll drink it tonight.” He just stood there staring at me and I just left the store and drove home. © Bacardi1986 / pikabu
  • Once, a girl I knew asked me to lend her $100 because she “had nothing to eat.” I gave her $50. A couple of days later, it was my birthday. I invited this girl too. She came without a present. We drank, we ate some food, and then she took a guitar out that she brought and said, “Guys, I bought this guitar yesterday, it was extremely cheap — only $70.” © julber / pikabu
  • I have a classmate. We’ve known each other for almost 50 years. Around 4 years ago, he started calling me pretty often and he wanted to meet me. Every conversation ended with him asking for money. Finally, I got tired and lent him $50. After that, every time we’d see each other, he’d go across the road or pretend that he didn’t know me. 50 years vs $50.© DedX5 / pikabu
  • A guy I know has owed me $30 for more than 6 months now. I was bored today and decided to call him and ask him how he was doing. He told me that he remembered the debt and that he had a credit card. But he couldn’t send me the money because he dropped the card and it was run over by a car, and the ATM wouldn’t take it. © LLlaJlyH / pikabu
  • 6 months ago, my friends borrowed a big sum of money from me: they (husband and wife) lost their jobs at almost the same time. They asked for more, but they paid off the debt and I didn’t hear from them for a couple of months. 20 minutes ago, I got a call, “Please, lend us $800, we really need the money.” I asked them what the problem was. And she said, “My husband and I bought 2 one-way tickets to Israel and we don’t have enough money for the return ticket.” I didn’t know what to say. © ArtemSol / pikabu


  • I borrowed $50 from my friends for a week until I got my paycheck. We met after like 10 days and my friend’s wife started yelling, “It’s been 1.5 weeks already. Where is my money?” And I said, “How about the fact that my husband installed the doors in your house and we didn’t ask for a penny? And I will return the money in a couple of days.” And she went like, “How many times has my husband driven you to the cottage?” And I was like, “Well, zero.” You should have seen the look on her face... It was clear that all of his “trips to the cottage” were him cheating. They got divorced and it was basically all over $50. © netfantasiio5 / pikabu

You have probably had similar situations in your life. Tell us the most interesting one.

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