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12 Screenshots Proving That Disney Cartoons Have Their Own Logic — and It’s Pretty Weird

When we were children watching Disney cartoons, we saw only the beautiful stories about true friendship, love, honor, and inspiration. We could barely see the little details that the cartoon creators intended to entertain parents and themselves with. But now, if we look close enough, we can discover a completely new layer in the old stories.

Bright Side has collected the funniest and the most unexpected things you can see in Disney cartoons if you hit the pause button on time.

1. Aladdin is definitely missing something.

2. And he’s going to need to find a new dentist.

3. Cobra Bubbles is a serious person but one hit can change everything.

4. Tarzan is cute.

But he can be so... different.

Especially when he breaks the laws of physics.

5. Bagheera always stays positive, even after a hard day.

6. Cartoon creators love to fool around when they think nobody will notice.

7. The dead lion from Hercules is Scar.

8. This bird sees 360º

9. The artist did well portraying the right emotions here.

10. Actually, he is quite handsome.

11. Gaston has great facial expressions.

12. What is he looking at?

Some subtle humor from cartoon creators:

...and here: so much irony, ducks eating chicken!

What unusual moments have you noticed in cartoons? Tell us in the comment section below!

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