12 Stories About People Who Turned Out to Be Tougher Than Chuck Norris

Our life is packed with unpredictable situations that test our abilities and courage. There are some people who just have a knack for dealing with these situations.

Bright Side gathered 12 exceptional stories about people who nailed curious cases and inspired us to be just as awesome.

  • I worked as a designer and had only enough money for food and rent. One day someone stole my wallet. I was crying, when I suddenly saw someone else's wallet on the ground. I opened it and saw lots of money. I thought I was lucky, but then I realized that someone else was in the same situation as me. There was a business card in the wallet, so I called. The wallet's owner was a rich man's chauffeur. He thanked me and said that his boss needed a designer. On my first day, I got paid in advance. The check was 3 times more than my previous salary. Who wouldn't believe in coincidences after that?
  • My mom once told me a curious story about how she passed an oral exam. She took a card and realized that she knew the answer to only one question out of 2. She asked the teacher, "Can I start with the second question?" The teacher was surprised but didn't mind. When she was in the middle of her answer, another teacher came in and replaced her first examiner, who said that she'd done one question. My mom didn't lose it and answered the second question one more time. She got an A.
  • I don't want people to think I'm boring, so I always try to spice up my life. A huge climbing wall? Of course! Rope jumping? Yeah! Ride on a Ferris wheel in an open cabin? Let's do it! But in reality, I'm such a chicken about all this adrenaline-boosting stuff. When I get on a mind-blowing ride, I give a thumbs up, but inside I cry and pray for my life.
  • My wife and I are true polyglots. I know 9 languages; she knows 7. We visit different countries and talk to the locals using their language. Many of them seem pleased, and some don't recognize us as foreigners. But the best thing is that I can talk to my wife using a language that people don't understand. Our favorite is Russian-Japanese-Dutch!
  • When I was in 3rd grade, I went to the movies with my friends. Before the movie, we went for a walk to the river. I had pretty shoes on. We flipped small rocks into the water, but big rocks seemed to be more fun. After the last throw, one of my shoes slipped off into the river. I failed to reach it, and I was in tears. A passer-by saw what happened and walked into the water in his expensive pants to get my shoe. He put it on my foot, and I felt just like Cinderella.
  • I'm 30 and a successful woman. I raised a son, worked as a manager in a big company, traveled... But then I broke my leg. And time stopped. I didn't need to rush anywhere. I started reading books, watching movies, and working remotely. By the end of my sick leave, I realized I didn't want to go back to the life I had before. I quit my job and took on some part-time work. I know now that you have to take a break from your life routine, gain some strength, watch the sunrise, and eat ice cream on the beach at night.
  • Everyone keeps asking me why I've become so bright, active, and happy lately. I've done a parachute jump, tried paragliding, had a tattoo, and spent the remains of my money on a trip to India. Everyone likes "new" me. However, no one knows that a month ago I beat cancer. Being alive is now my biggest happiness.
  • I met a guy in the line to get my travel ID. The line moved so slowly, and we spent almost 6 hours waiting together. After that, we went for a walk, saw the sunrise, and talked all night long. He asked for my number, but his cell phone was dead. I didn't have a pen. So he just looked around, grabbed a branch and a small piece of coal, drew my number on the branch, and walked away. His mom was shocked: he left to get a travel ID, his phone was off, and he returned looking happy...with a huge branch. To all her questions, he answered, "No one touches it!"
  • Actors usually don't memorize the lines they can read onstage. I don't remember the name of the play, but there was a moment when a messenger rushed on, gave a letter to the King, and announced, "Your Highness, a letter for you!" The King opened the letter and...the sheet was blank. A practical joke from his friends. But the actor didn't give up so easily. He gave the letter back to the messenger and said, "Read it to me!" But the messenger was cut from the same cloth and jokingly replied, "I know no letters, Your Highness."
  • I'm a waitress, and I think I've seen it all. I've met drunk and crazy people, those who didn't pay at all, and those who were raining cash. But once this guy came and ordered coffee for himself and a rare steak for the lion cub that he was holding in his arms. Well, now I can surely say that I've seen it all!
  • My apartment is on the 2nd floor. My birthday is in summer. Once I was sleeping and was suddenly awakened by a very loud noise. As I opened my eyes, I saw a bunch of flowers peeking through my balcony window and heard someone knocking on the door. I got up and realized that the knocking sounds and the flowers were in all of my windows. My friends loved mountain climbing and had decided to wish me happy birthday in an unusual way. As I opened the windows, my friends crawled into the room. I won't forget the joy of that moment!
  • I was in the front seat of a bus on my way home. We got stuck in a traffic jam. The driver noticed that one of the frame locks on the truck next to us was open. The open lock could create a very dangerous road situation. It was dark, and the truck's driver wasn't aware of the open lock. Our driver tried to get the bus as close as possible to the lock to close it. After several attempts, he succeeded. I realized that sometimes we don't even know that someone's kind hand saved us from a dangerous situation.

Bonus: A single dad raises a son with a congenital heart defect. Way to go, dad!

4-year-old Chace fights for his health against Tetralogy of Fallot, a congenital heart defect that includes 4 anomalies. The symptoms include hard breathing, slow physical growth, and episodes of bluish color to the skin. Chace can't eat food orally and has a special tube installed in his belly. As a single dad, Robert created a blog where he shares stories about their life. In solidarity with his son, Robert glued a copy of the tube Chace has to his stomach. Chace thinks his father is the best in the whole world and really wants to be just like him.

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