12 Stories About Surprises That Life Gives Us From Time to Time

Life is full of surprises, and some of them could serve as excellent material for a fascinating book or film. The stories from such popular resources as Pikabu and Overheard are strong proof of this fact.

Bright Side offers you a new collection of internet revelations and hopes they will cheer you up if your day has not been so good.

  • This is what my mom told me. Her friend has a son who is currently studying in China, and, just like many other students, he has a part-time job. Can you guess what kind of job it is? Drum roll, please! The requirements are the following: come to some new café or bar in the evening, eat the food (that's the owner's treat), and drink — all for free. But the main requirement is to have fun, dance, and show everyone nearby that you really like this place. The payment is about $25 per evening...and he's a foreigner. A FOREIGNER! The thing is that in China the status of a place highly increases if it is visited by foreigners. That's why the owners of newly opened restaurants use this trick, and foreigners enjoy themselves by eating, drinking, having fun, and getting money for it!
  • There is a small shop near my home, and I often visit it on my way home from work. All the sellers already know me. I myself work in sales — an office worm, in other words. On weekends, I sometimes have extra work installing PVC windows. And very often, after a hard working day, I go there to buy some beer. This has been happening for 4 years already. Yesterday I had another hard installation job, after which I visited the shop. The cashier didn't have any change, and we decided that I would owe the shop some money. In the evening, some friends of mine came to visit me, and I went to this shop once again. When I was paying at the cashier's desk, she said, "The total amount is this much, and you can also pay for your alcoholic brother." I asked her what brother she was talking about. It turned out that there are 2 "twin brothers" in my family: the first one is a gentleman in a suit that usually buys fruits and yogurts, and the second one is a drunk alcoholic who always buys booze.
  • I once overslept. I was running around my apartment worrying because there is nothing scarier for me than being late for work. I called a taxi, put on a dress, put all the necessary stuff into my bag, closed it without even looking into it, took my wallet, and ran out. It didn't take much time to get to work because I was hurrying the driver along at every traffic light. At last, I was in the office. Hurray! When I opened my bag, I saw the 2 yellow and scared eyes of my cat looking at me. She seemed to be just as shocked as I was.
  • My hubby and I joke around. Coming home, he asks in a loud and playful voice, "Where is he?!" (referring to a lover). Once during my lunch break, I broke into our apartment yelling, "Where is she?!" In the bathroom, I saw a woman — the head of our community — who came to seal the water flow meters. She blushed and quickly withdrew with the words, "I am leaving. Let your husband explain everything to you."
  • The other day a handyman was installing my new front door. The following conversation happened between us.
    Handyman: Your previous door was very weak. It wouldn't have taken much time to break the locks.
    Me: What about this one?
    Handyman: This one is good. It will take a little more time to break it.
  • While falling asleep, my arm was hanging down on the sofa. I felt my cat touch it with his paw and start to lick me with his tongue (he does it sometimes). I turned to the other side and saw my real cat peacefully sleeping near my feet! I suddenly woke up and looked under the sofa...where another cat was sitting. He had probably climbed the vines and entered the apartment. My childhood fear of having a monster under the bed was realized.
  • I was sitting at home alone. The time was after 2 a.m. I was watching a horror movie where the main hero was walking along a cave with a torch and trying to see something in the darkness. The music was pumping. I was trying to see something together with him by holding the tablet close to my face. The orchestra was playing at its peak, and it was high time for the horrible moment! 2 more seconds to wait, and that's when I saw a huge scary face looking at me from the depths of the cave. It was my face.
  • It was summer. My wife was in her seventh month of pregnancy. We decided to go to a café and have a walk in the fresh air. Since I got delayed at work a little bit, she arrived at the café earlier than me, sat at a table, and placed an order. And the following dialogue happened as per my wife's words:
    "I was sitting peacefully at the table (I should say that the table was pretty high, and it was hiding my belly) when a young man came to me.
    - May I have your name, please?
    - Glenda.
    - Are you waiting for someone?
    - Yes, a girl, for 7 months already.
    I answered automatically without even thinking. When I realized what I'd just said, I looked at the guy and saw complete misunderstanding on his face."
  • When I was in 3rd grade, one of my classmates called me and said that he couldn't come to school because snow had fallen from the roof and broken the awning, which fell down to the front door, and the latter got locked. His parents left for work through a window, but he had to stay at home because the window couldn't be locked from the outside. Our teacher gave him bad marks in each subject that day for such a dumb pretext for not coming to school. The next day his parents came to school and presented photos of the 3-m-wide ice lump and a completely broken awning.
  • My 5-year-old granddaughter called me and said, "Granddad, I miss you so much. When will you come? There is such a beautiful maple near our home. I'll take you there." When I got 3 days off in a row, I decided to go and visit her and look at that beautiful maple. The district where my daughter lives never had any maple trees. So I came, and my granddaughter took me to this maple. She made me spend $90 there because "Maple" was the name of a shop.
  • I have some issues when meeting new girls. I am pretty handsome, and I have a good sense of humor, but I can't build a good conversation. I decided to create a fake account and pretend to be a girl so that boys would start to write to me and I would understand how to communicate. I added my friend's photo as she is not registered on any social media platforms. The results I got: 4 guys used typical phrases, 6 wrote that they wanted me, and 2 more sent me their intimate photos. Cool!
  • My mom has been working on a labor ward for many years. And my aunt too. They have many stories, but this one is truly outstanding. Once a woman aged 48 arrived with her 19-year-old daughter and husband. Diagnosis — she was in labor. The woman kept saying with round eyes, "That's a mistake. I'm infertile." She gave birth to a boy. The daughter is happy, the husband is happy, and everyone is crying. The woman told her story: "I've been infertile since 20. No chances. I have always been a big and tall woman. My husband and I adopted a girl. We were already thinking about her marriage and our retirement." The woman thought that the physiological processes happening to her body were due to the menopause. And she suddenly lost 15 kg. It made her incredibly happy. She refreshed her wardrobe and got a new hairstyle. But she suddenly felt bad and thought that she was dying. They called the ambulance. The delivery process went well. After several years, her daughter had a baby too. The mother waited anxiously at home with the new baby's little uncle.

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