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12 Stories From Women With an Outstanding Sense of Humor

Have you ever noticed that women are great at telling stories? They are great at making them sound fascinating and gripping, with a lot of humor. These stories are so captivating that they make us want to pass them on to all the other people we know.

We at Bright Side really love the funny phrases and stories that millions of people share online every day. But it’s the stories that are told by ladies, that hold a special place in our hearts.

  • When I was a child, I was a human disaster. I’m sure that I couldn’t live a day without some kind of an accident. But what I remember really well is a combo I did when my mom and I went to a mall. First, I ran into a glass door and it made a terrible noise (fortunately, I didn’t break the glass) and then when we were in the first store, I said to my mother very loudly, “Look at this scary dummy!” And this dummy turned out to be a sales-person that froze so well, she looked like she was made of plastic... That was embarrassing...
  • When a man tells me he’s looking for a “real woman,” I scurry away because I’m actually 3 owls in a raincoat AND HE MUSTN’T FIND OUT. © Mimiification / Twitter
  • I got a bunch of dental surgery and while waiting for a cab to go home a dude cat-called me, so I just let a ton of blood fall out my mouth. © UnburntWitch / Twitter

  • A month ago, I went to my parents in another town and when I came home, I found blonde hair everywhere. I didn’t say a word to my husband, collected all my stuff while he was still at work, and went back to my parents. After 4 hours, I realized that I dyed my hair brown when I was at my parents’ and in fact, I’m a blonde. I came back late and told him that my mom asked me to stay longer.

  • I was in the subway. And I had a bag with a keychain that looked like a sack with yellow balls inside. Something happened and the balls fell out and rolled all the way to the other end of the car. I was too lazy to get up, so I decided to pick them up later. A minute later, they just rolled all the way back to me and I picked them up. I just kept on sitting there. An old lady that saw what happened probably thought I was a witch or something. © Overheard

  • When I was a child, my parents warned me that men only want one thing, so I have to be careful. So, I’m 28 now and I found that men only want to sleep, watch YouTube videos, and eat, and only I want that “one thing.” © Yuriy8 / Pikabu

  • I got a cold: runny nose, sore throat. I totally lost my voice! My husband laughed at me, “Don’t yell at your husband.” My sons were the same, “Hey, it’s been so quiet lately...” It is so sad when you want to say something smart, but all you can do is hiss like a cobra. Well, when I get better, I’ll have my fair share of fun. I’ll turn on karaoke and sing some Aerosmith songs. © Overheard

  • When I was a child, I used to wear giant glasses. Naturally, when I went to school the other kids laughed at me. One of the kids that mocked at me was a very fat boy, but I was too polite to tell him that. Fortunately, when he made me cry, our teacher told him the harsh truth. © Overheard

  • On my birthday, I went to a cafe with 2 friends. I’m a photographer and I saw a very attractive girl who ended up being our waitress: short hair, alien-like, tattoos, piercing. She was really cute! When we were leaving, I decided to go up to her and invite her to a photo shoot. “Hey, I’m a photographer and I really like your appearance. I want to see if you’d like to do a photo shoot.” The girl looked at me shocked and said, “Actually, I’m a guy. Name’s Ted.” © Overheard

  • When I was a child, I was a very open child and, like all children, I constantly got my new phrases from adults. Once, I came home from school and I asked my mom to pour me some tea and she said, as a joke, “The poor don’t have servants.” On the next day, my teacher asked me to wipe the board and of course you know what I said to her. But she didn’t think I was funny and that evening, my mom and I were at the headmaster’s office and the 3 of us were laughing. My mom didn’t punish me. © Overheard

  • A bus was driving around with one of its doors open and then the driver closed it.
    Passenger: “Leave the door open, please. It’s really hot in here.”
    Driver: “What if someone falls?”
    Passenger: “I’ll pay for their treatment. Open it.” © zum_ka / Twitter

  • I saw a girl on the bus today that was looking at her phone and crying really hard. Because I had broken up with my boyfriend not very long ago and I was sad, too, I decided to support her and told her, “Don’t cry. He’s not worth it.” And she frowned and said, “What are you talking about? I got my new schedule, I have 7 lectures every day.” And she continued to cry even more. That was the moment I realized that my problems weren’t even problems and I felt much better.

What memorable stories from your life could you add to this compilation?