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12 Strange Episodes From Japanese TV Shows That Can Leave Anyone Speechless

Japan is a country whose ideas no one even really tries to explain anymore. The only thing left for us to do is to just relax and get carried away by the absurdity.

The Bright Side team decided to take the hit and watched tons of videos from Japanese TV shows to choose the most interesting (and the most appropriate) TV entertainment from the Land of the Rising Sun.

“Candy or Not Candy?”

“Candy or Not Candy?” is the name of the Japanese game show that looks like complete insanity. The participants of the show taste all kinds of things such as plants, doorknobs, shoes, and other inedible objects to determine whether or not it is candy. Even if you think the show is weird, you do have to give credit to Japanese candy companies and their brilliance.

“Girls versus Lizard”

It might seem silly to be scared of a lizard even if it is big. But you would be very surprised to find out how agile and fast a lizard can be once it smells a raw piece of meat. And if this piece of meat happens to be tied to your face, we’re sure you don’t want to find out just how painful and poisonous the bites can be.

This is precisely the point of this Japanese TV show: girls put their heads into a hole in a huge aquarium and test their courage. If a girl gets scared and pulls her head out of the aquarium, she loses.

“Find the Chair”

This game sounds absolutely harmless and even easy. The only problem is that the participant has to perform the task while wearing a blindfold. It’s also necessary to ignore the loud laughter of the audience every time the participant bumps into something or falls down. The principle of this game is simple: the more painful it is, the better.

“Enjoy your meal!”

The point of this show is very simple: 2 girls blow into a transparent tube at the same time. They make a firefly (that looks a lot like a giant cockroach) move from one end of the tube to the other. The girl who makes her competitor eat the insect wins.

“Slippery Ladder”

The participants of this show have to climb a wet and slippery ladder and perform various tasks assigned by the people waiting at the top. For example, the participants may have to change into different clothes, such as those of elderly women. If the contestants fail to perform the tasks, they fall into the swimming pool.

“Big Wash”

This challenge is so insane that it’s very hard to imagine it to be from any country other than Japan. The participant has to eat a bowl of traditional noodles...while sitting inside a washing machine. To clarify, the washing machine must be turned on. All of this happens in front of an audience dressed in skirts and stockings. And, of course, the audience is not made up of women.

“Bless you!”

In this show, the participants try to sneeze as quickly as possible. In turns, they tickle their nostrils with a tissue. Some of them need only a few seconds to complete the task, and some take an entire minute to sneeze.

“Sweet Tooth”

This competition is popular around the world and it requires the contestant to eat a hanging object without using his or her hands. The Japanese prefer marshmallows. This would’ve been much easier if the contestants’ faces weren’t tied up.

“Ruthless Logic”

The TV show “Tore!” is a combination of intellectual and physical activities. How long would you be able to stand on a moving platform that slides into a wall when you give a wrong answer?

Some tasks are so strange that they make you recall the horror movie Saw. In one of the episodes, the participants had to answer questions while they were being mummified. For every wrong answer, they were wrapped in cloth and put into a sarcophagus. “Tore!” was an absolute hit, and Nintendo even created a game based on the show.

“Balancing, Cheese, and a Hungry Man”

The rules are simple: a girl spins around on a baseball bat. When she is disoriented enough, she needs to take a spoon of boiling cheese, bring it to a guy sitting on a chair, and feed him.

“Human Bowling”

If you want to get a strike, you need to think like the ball. Better yet, you need to BE the ball. And this is exactly what the participants of this show do — they knock the bowling pins down with their bodies.

“Wake Her Up”

The rules of this show are simple: there are girls pretending to be asleep and there are guys who try to wake them up. If a girl shows any emotion and admits that she isn’t sleeping, she loses. Guys can use different tactics: tickling, telling jokes, putting something on their faces — whatever it takes to wake them up! And the guys themselves are dressed up as mothers. As if the whole show wasn’t weird enough already!

The name of the show speaks for itself. There are 2 teams with 2 girls in each one. One of the girls must sit on the device that spreads her legs. The other one spins a wheel with numbers on it to determine how much exactly her teammate must spread her legs. The girl who gives up first loses.

Which show do you find the craziest? Tell us in the comment section below!

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