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12 Times People Had a Chance to Text a True Expert

Did you know that some people’s jobs can be determined by just texting with them? Based on this article, this is definitely true for doctors, builders, and taxi drivers. And all of them seem to be spending too much time working.

And when people work too much, they sometimes have conversations we want to share. We at Bright Side often see texts like this, so we decided to share some of them with you.

1. If you are a builder, flirt like a builder.

2. Don’t trust the commercials.

3. “You’re a doctor, right?”

4. There are days when you spend more money then you earn.

5. Just don’t forget to apologize.

6. A taxi driver is always there for you.

7. When you are a little bit depressed:

8. When you are a teacher who is tired of parent meetings:

9. This is a split personality...

10. Do you feel the same way after the weekend?

11. Now you need to lean on a stapler to fix all of this...

12. You need to be able to fix any problem fast.

Do you have any funny chats saved with your colleagues? If yes, do you only talk about work-related things or are there some things that make you want to take screenshots?

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