14 Bizarre Things You Will Only See in China

The Chinese always seem to have something unexpected up their sleeve that the rest of the world can only gape at.

We at Bright Side found a bunch of weird stuff most of us have never heard of that are actually a thing in China.

Whole sharks and crocodiles for sale at Walmart

Despite the fact that people only eat some parts of these animals, a few Chinese stores have been spotted putting them on sale in one piece with their mouths gaping open.

Police dogs replaced with geese

In specific areas of the country, Chinese police use geese as an alternative to dogs. They say that the birds have excellent vision and an overall aggressive behavior.

Live crabs sold in vending machines

Some Chinese cities have vending machines installed in subway stations that sell live crabs in plastic boxes kept at a constant 5 degrees.

Traffic jam stand-ins

If you are stuck in a traffic jam, you can call a service that will send two people. One of them will take care of your car, and the other will take you away on a motorbike.

Teabucks: a copycat of Starbucks

Teabucks is a Chinese teahouse chain created in the image of the American Starbucks. They offer various kinds of hot and cold tea refreshments.

Companies hang nets around their buildings to prevent employee suicides

Sometimes businesses install protective nets outside employee’s dormitories to prevent suicide attempts.

Ghost marriages

Some people steal and sell corpses for thousands of dollars to families who plan to organize marriages for their dead unmarried young relatives.

Canned air

Due to the high smog levels all over the country, Chinese stores sell bottles of fresh air in several different flavors.

Cockroach farming

The insects are bred and used in Chinese medicine. It is a booming business, proved to be a great investment one can pull a lot of money from nowadays.

Ghost cities

China’s fast-paced housing market has resulted in ghost cities and malls popping up all across the country.

A 270-million-year-old stone forest

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with massive stone formations estimated to be 270 million years old.

Residents refuse to move for new construction

"Nail Houses" are the homes of residents who refuse to give up their place, so construction workers are forced to leave the buildings untouched.

People wearing pajamas in public

Unlike in other countries, people in China often choose to keep their pajamas on even when wandering around the streets.

The kind of army you’d gladly join

Although women serving in the army is normal for a lot of countries, the Chinese army is notoriously known for the extremely attractive females wearing the uniform.

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Based on materials from Business Insider
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