13 Discoveries From Online Users That Are Hard to Get Out of Your Head

We’ve gotten tired of those boring scientific facts we learned when we were back in school. But unusual discoveries about the invention of the piñata and the fact that hedgehogs eat meat do deserve our attention. And the people who found out about these things deserve a round of applause.

We at Bright Side encourage you to read these impressive facts that we’ve never even thought about.

Adam Driver looks like someone tried to draw Keanu Reeves from memory.

How many years did it take you before you realized that you don’t need to push the door with the tray to open the can? There is a pedal on the bottom.

So, hedgehogs are pretty bloodthirsty.

This is a sensation that many people might have experienced.

The creators of The Simpsons obviously know something that we don’t.

And so do the producers of Shrek...

Our ancestors had to try a lot of unpleasant foods so that we could enjoy food today.

The relic of the hand of Saint Teresa of Avila is on the left and the Infinity Gauntlet is on the right. See any difference?

It’s not just the foods of the past that have an interesting story.

Asparagus grows like it’s trying to prank someone into thinking this is how asparagus grows.

And now it’s time for really mind-blowing discoveries.

Ahhh, so this is where the inspiration for these haircuts comes from...

The internet can make us do a lot of crazy things.

And what simple but impressive facts about the world around us have you heard of or read about recently?

Preview photo credit MiaVia / Pikabu
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