13 IKEA Displays That Totally Crushed The Advertising Game

We all know IKEA for its easy-to-assemble furniture and affordable home accessories. But the Swedish giant wouldn't have become the world’s leader in the industry without thoroughly-planned marketing and brilliant advertising campaigns. Just check out the Valentine's one!

We at Bright Side compiled a list of 13 such remarkable promotions and displays that prove IKEA’s marketing specialists are real geniuses.

11. Love is complicated.

Assembling IKEA furniture gives you a guaranteed result.

10. Celebrating Valentine's Day

In 2013, IKEA Australia made a special offer for parents who conceived their children on Valentine’s Day. Can you keep a coupon for 9 months? You'll score!

9. Pregnancy test in a magazine

IKEA surely knows how to encourage people to increase the population. Its latest advertising campaign in Sweden offered women to literally pee on a page of Amelia magazine in order to find out if they are pregnant. Did anyone actually do this?

8. The most helpful book in the world

If you don't think catalogs are a good read, then you haven't seen IKEA ones. In one of their catalogs, IKEA included an "inbuilt measuring tape" which helped contribute to a highly successful campaign that led to an increase in store sales by a whopping 13.5% compared to the previous year – almost 11% higher than the planned sales goal. Simple and genius.

7. A BookBook – the newest technology

The company’s marketing specialists have a great sense of humor. In 2014, IKEA launched an ad promoting its 2015 catalog, which was a pretty blatant spoof of Apple products. The ad became viral and has more than 18 million views at the moment.

6. Do you want to build a snowman?

This funny ad shows the company’s ability to find humor in irony. This is one of the things that we love about IKEA.

5. Game of toilets

How do you appeal to a Game of Thrones fan in order to increase your toilet sales? This is how!

4. Studio apartment in a box

The biggest thing we love about IKEA is that they show you how to incorporate their furniture into your life. Like in this shop in Brooklyn that made a "cardboard box of a studio apartment" and furnished it as only they can. Live the dream, right?

3. Frankfurt Balcony

Redesign the balconies as IKEA drawers? Easy for this furniture mogul...

2. Parisian subway

Being comfortable everywhere you go, sit, and visit could be IKEA's motto. What else would make them redo this subway station in Paris into a cozy waiting area?

1. Train in Japan

For the promotion of their store in Japan, IKEA decorated an entire train with their unique style.

Bonus: a lifehack for getting IKEA stuff for free.

Now that's creative.

Do you like IKEA and its advertisement campaigns? Which one impressed you the most? Share with us in the comment section below!

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