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13 Impossible Sights That Are 100% Real

Every day, many incredible things happen in our world. Some of them are due to nature, but some are caused by people. It is rare to see a car on a roof or a catapulting jet. Thanks to people who have cameras at these exact moments, we can see them captured in pictures.

Bright Side compiled 13 real pictures of impossible sights.

1. What kind of magic is that?

2. Just a normal Monday...

3. May the force be with you.

4.“I’m lovin’ it.”

5. "I’m no cactus expert, but this one is a bit out of the ordinary.

6. Artificial rainbow

7. " ’Can’t wait for winter,’ they said. ’It would be fun,’ they said."

8. It would be weird to hear someone knocking on this door...

9. The little guy’s probably got sick and tired of pollution and decided to take care of it himself

10. Planet Earth and its incredible beauty

11. “Okay, Google. Where is my car?”

12. Spider-Man? Is that you?

13. Risky...very risky

Leave a comment if you’ve witnessed something extraordinary or impossible. Have you ever been in a situation where you tried to describe something crazy that happened in your life, only to have someone say they didn’t believe you? That’s why it’s so great to have photographic evidence!

Preview photo credit acidcow, u/gangbangkang / reddit
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